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Sondra Ellyn Bennaeim

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    The difference between "physical" and "legal" custody. Physical Custody Physical custody refers to who your children live with (who has primary care of the children). Legal Custody Legal custody refer

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  • In These Tough Economic Times Divorce Mediation Makes Sense

    Divorce, in the best of economies, is tough. A divorcing couple has to figure out how to support two households, with the same income that had been supporting one. For divorcing couples, money has often been a point of contention for them during their marriage. For these couples ...

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  • How do I know if a collaborative divorce is for me?

    WHAT IS A COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE? A collaborative divorce is a method of resolving issues pertaining to divorce with a team of professionals in which you craft your own agreement. You must agree to w

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  • How do I know if divorce mediation is right for me?

    WHAT IS MEDIATION? Mediation is where a neutral party (the mediator) facilitates the negotiations of the couple and tries to help them settle their case. The mediator cannot give either party legal a

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  • What is a limited conservatorship?

    WHAT IS A LIMITED CONSERVATORSHIP? Limited conservatorships are set up to assist developmentally disabled adults who are unable to provide for all their personal or financial needs. WHAT DOES A LIMIT

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  • How to Help Your Children through a Divorce

    Respect Your Child's Mother/Father Remember your child is a part of both of you. By disrespecting the other parent you are disrespecting your child. Your child starts questioning his/her worth. Do No

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