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Sondra Ellyn Bennaeim

About Sondra Bennaeim

About me

I am a family law attorney whose concentration is in Divorce Mediation . I have my 25 hour Basic Mediation certificate (1995) and 40 Hour Basic Divorce Mediation certificate (2009) and Advanced Mediation Training in "Mediating Civil Harassment Cases." (3 Hours, 2009). I am a volunteer with CSP working in the Superior Court in Orange County, mediating small claims and civil harassment cases.  I believe everyone wins in situations where both sides are heard and can come to mutually acceptable decisions regarding their futures before a judge decides for them. However, in some circumstances spouses have reached a point where they cannot work together. In these cases litigation may be necessary.


I will talk to you in a language you can understand and be available to answer your questions.




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