Ms. Tiffany is on an incredibly high horse, as she is married to a federal judge and will make sure all school district attorneys she is dealing with on your child's case know this. I made a huge mistake, out of desperation, of entrusting my child's case with this attorney and my child was jammed. I was referred to Tiffany by an LA psychologist B.J. Freeman - who I was sent to by another doctor in order to have my child assessed for an upcoming trial with the district for her services as a child qualified with autism. At the time I was pro per - and Freeman insisted I call Tiffany. Tiffany took the case and promptly played my child right into the hands of the district's attorneys by ending Freeman's assessment of her - refusing to allow her to be assessed by any other doctor, pushing this up to deadline where I could go nowhere else for help so my child was stuck with no evidence for her hearing - and then forcing me to sign an unenforceable settlement agreement which short shrifted my child of 75% of her needed program - just to please her friends at Fagen Friedman and Fulfrost. Tiffany promised she would stay on my child's case to make sure the district kept its bargain - however within a week of getting her check (paid of course by her friends at the district) Tiffany bailed on my child completely and thew her to the wolves. Check out the case currently pending in superior court and federal court of Porter V. Winer and Tiffany and you can see what Ms. Tiffany does to her minor clients.