Selling $20 Bills for $5 would have made more sense than using Parsons. I had a financially positive claim pending when this attorney convinced me he could do better. Instead of pocketing several thousand dollars via my own efforts I ended up losing over $10,000 with Parsons “expertise”.

Yes, LOSING $15 on every $20 sale would have still left me with more money than what this attorney billed me for relative to what I received for his “services”. No one in their right mind would willingly enter into such an arrangement without being misled.

As such, I have filed a complaint with the Chief Trial Counsel of the State Bar of California which is now in the rebuttal phase. My complaint contains 75 pages of malfeasance evidence and I eagerly await the State Bar's mandate of “policing their own” and dealing with Parsons in the appropriate manner.

I will post more as developments arise.