Victoria L Clemans

Victoria L Clemans

Photos & Videos

This is my team at the Power Lunch in Van Nuys on April 29th in Van Nuys where I coached High School Kids from Grant High School for a jeopardy game.  We won 2 prizes and had a blast.
This young man had some serious charges at Torrance Court.  Result? 415 infraction on day of trial.
Accused of DV.  Dismissed in the interests of justice on day of trial!
This pretty young woman accused of street racing.  Dismissed after a suppression motion on day of trial!
Accused of DV.  Husband and wife spat.  Dismissed in furtherance of justice on last day.
Wife accused this young man of DV. Her motive?  Custody of their 2 young boys!  Acquitted by jury after 7 days of trial.
This stunning young woman was accused of stalking her ex-husband. Result:  Diversion 12 months.
A case of sheer revenge!  Wife wanted out of marriage and was already seeing someone else.  Falsely accused him of dv and there was no evidence. Dismissed on last day!
Boyfriend/girlfriend fight! Hung jury after 5 days resulting in dismissal!
We went all the way through trial with a good outcome as you can see.

About Me 

We have represented thousands of clients in criminal proceedings with outstanding results and specialize in CRIMINAL LAW and law and motion.  Victoria was law clerk to a judge during law school and briefed the court's cases.  She also worked in civil litigation prior to criminal law.  This is where she got her Lion's Heart.  We handle domestic violence, DUI, battery, hit and run, resisting arrest, petty theft, grand theft, vandalism, sex crimes and all misdemeanors/felonies.  We recently had two big victories at CCB by getting the case thrown out at pre-lim (hearing before client held to answer in Superior Court). We are familiar with all courts on the Westside and surrounding areas including but not limited to: South Central, LAX, Long Beach and the valley as well as Criminal Courts on Temple and Lancaster/Antelope Valley, San Bernadino, Riverside County, Rancho Cucamonga and Ventura.  It makes such a difference when you have been before a judge several times or worked with the same City Attorney or DA on previous matters.  We are not afraid to go to trial and will work our butts off to obtain favorable results and have achieved many great outcomes (and have the minute orders to prove it).  We at the law offices of Victoria Clemans also do arbitration/mediation and will work with you on fee disputes.  We believe in putting the client first and take our cases personally.   WE ANSWER THE PHONE! WE AREN'T AFRAID OF SWEAT AND HARD WORK! Latest result: Case dismissed on day of trial 12/16/14, Airport Court! Client was a hard working innocent woman! Justice!!!! Next great outcome: serious domestic violence matter given diversion -case will be dismissed on August 1, 2014 after 10 Anger Management classes! These are just a couple of examples. Latest March 2015: DEJ for petty theft under new statute. 6 months then dismiss, erases it from record! Robbery  reduced to 1 Count theft case. 5 counts dismissed and 2 open misdemeanor PV's terminated! 

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