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John Michael Kelly

John Kelly’s client reviews

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  • Negligent and unethical

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    Don't fall for the act.

    'Michael Kelly' and  'J Michael Kelly' as he is also known, is the recipient of numerous 'ripoff reports' and professional misconduct actions for sound reasons.  In my case he exhibited callous greed, shoddy practices, and total lack of concern.

    People who seek legal help are usually in crisis. Family law involves the safety and well being of those dear to you.

    Be mindful of the dramatic focus and financial part of Mr. Kelly's multilevel intake process.  He's sizing you up. Once the retainer is signed, you're just another revenue stream.

    He preyed on my (legitimate) fears about my abusive violent ex who already had (3) criminal and domestic violence restraining orders and significant documentation of unresolved substance abuse. Mr. Kelley used that info to demand an 18k retainer and an hourly rate of $600 promising 'aggressive' and expedient advocacy assuring me we would be protected.  The meeting in which I signed the retainer was the last I saw of Mr. Kelly.

    He passed me off to a junior partner who hadn't read the file and was coached via cell phone on our way into court appearances using terms like 'slam dunk' I thought were about wrangling my ex.

    Over the next 2 months they didn't do anything except spend my money on weekly ex parte/emergency hearings in which the junior partner appeared. Pleadings were filed/served late/improperly, omitted the critical details and documentation needed to address safety issues,  contained errors, and sections cut and pasted from other cases which included the wrong names (that were not examples of case law).

    None of the evidence of my ex's physical/emotional abuse, stalking, or DUIs was presented, so nothing was accomplished except giving opposing counsel the opportunity to plead 'no grounds' for the actions and use that to plead my ex as the maligned victim of 'unsubstantiated' claims, and with none of the evidence presented by my counsel, the judge believed it and granted unsupervised visits with heartbreaking results; my beautiful little boy sustained injuries during visitation that leave him permanently disabled.

    Mr. Kelly had no comment before I ended his representation.

    Literally adding insult to injury, I received the bill for our 2 month tenure with a 20k balance due (on top of the $18k retainer) calculated with Mr. Kelly's $600 hourly (instead of the junior partner's $300 rate), hundreds in per page copy fees and postage, thousands in calls, emails, and filings that didn't happen, plus interest, and was harassed by his collections department until served with a letter giving notice he was being sued for malpractice.

  • You're in good hands

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Channion

    I can't thank Michael Kelly and his team enough.They were very professional and took good care of me. I came in because my previous order on child support was very low and he assured me they can get me more. Well they did!!! I have much more for child support plus spousal, and he has to pay for child care. I am very pleased with Mr. Michael, Crystal BoultingHouse, and Ms. Caitlin Phillips. My daughters father was trying to drag the case on; They worked fast and was reasonable. Being a single mom is not easy but from them taking care of me, it's made life financially easier. Thank you so so much!


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rapinder

    I hired Kelly law firm for my divorce case.They are so professional ,I have no words for them, they are just outstanding .If I would have retained them my case would have been finished till now,but unfortunately I was not in a position to pay for their services. I hired a solo lawyer who just spoiled my whole case.I dont think I will like any lawyer after I interacted with them.They kept me inform of every single move,and that really matters.

  • Like them so much, I'm using them for my personal business contracts

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Candle in the wind

    They did such a good job on my divorce I am seeking their expertise and advice with my own new business.

    What makes me continue to utilize this firm is their pure honesty and forthright behavior. They managed my divorce with such dedication to my well being and my costs that I have decided they will handle all contracts and legalities for me for my personal and professional life.

    You cannot go wrong with this firm. They have a diversified group of attorneys whom all have soul, serious soul to win and win with integrity for the client and within the law.

  • Talk about soul, smarts and commanding the law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cate

    I came into this office after speaking with several other firms in a 40 mile radius including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City and downtown LA. Michael Kelly stood out boldly.

    His team and he personally took on a very small, (meaning short marriage), but very difficult divorce case with a soon to be ex who was highly dishonest and not forthright whatsoever all.

    He lead the team with tenacity and soul. He watched over my costs like a hawk and was completely open to my calls and those of my family who where of course concerned for me.

    His team consisted of multifaceted lawyers who knew the depth of physiology of divorce and my ex vs. how he would react and how it would hit me and in house, detail oriented investigators who saved me from having to hire an outside forensic team and office support team who managed endless emails and calls from me. They stopped me from allowing my emotions to get the best of me and the case. Could have cost me over $100K if I had landed at the wrong firm.

    I listed to them completely and took every piece of advice and guidance and I came out aok.

    At the end, the painful bill was there staring at me in the face as was the overhead I had taken on for lack of funds from my ex during the entire process. When I finally had the chance to move and get out from the dark all encompassing cloud of the process of this divorce, I was in awe of the dedication, attention to detail, and pure tenacity his firm took on with just my little case I was so very thankful and realized what a deal I got and not just financially.

    I never once felt abundant or ignored, never was left hanging, was not given one piece of incorrect information and only received excellent professional and personal guidance and advice. It was well worth the costs and I know would have cost me 10's of thousands more if I had not landed in John Michael Kelly's firm; Kelly Fernandez Karney.

    Cannot recommend them enough. Listen to them and you will come out of your legal situation just fine and with your chin up and shoulders in tact. Good luck!

  • Wonderful Performance!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    It was my very good decision to hire Law offices of Kelly, Fernandez & Karney. Not only they helped me make the right decision during the divorce proceedings saving time and money but also guide me though the whole process in layman's terms.

    I would like to make a strong recommendation for hiring this firm who have excellent attorneys and staff.

    Mayur Shah

  • Avoid Using This Firm

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I would advise to stay away from this law firm. I obtained Mr. Kelly and his staff for my divorce. They went through multiple paralegals and there was a disconnect with my paperwork. Mr. Kelly misrepresented that he would represent me at the hearings and then the day of the hearings, would not show-up, instead having a junior attorney. The staff takes vacations and during critical times, there were disconnects.

  • Awesome lawyer and legal team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    my case was no easy case to win and this team pulled out all stops and won, they are tenacious and excellent listeners and investigators, I searched for a great firm with soul and knowledge and a fighting spirit and am more then pleased with Kelly Fernandez and Karney...never would have gotten as far as I did without their expertise and eagle eye tactics

  • Top notch, excellent choice for legal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I am still in the midst of my divorce case and it's a kicker tearing me inside out and let me tell you I could not have landed in a better firm.

    They are managing me terrifically. There have been times when they could have milked me pushing ideas of restraining orders etc..when I became distraught and they didn't.

    There are many wrong turns I could have taken that could have derailed my case but they have kept all aligned in a conservative and smart, tactical way.

    One of the partners need special mentioning. If you are looking for a firm who has a bull dog, sharp edge, seriously educated and tactical interrogator...Mark Karney is your man. He is a rock in court and in the way in which he manages his case. He's very, very tough and I would fear being interrogated by him for anything!

    Their support team is top notch.. They immediately respond and never leave you hanging and are concise and extremely professional.

    The treasure in the core of this group is their soul commitment to doing right and good by their client and managing that client in a multi- tiered fashion, as not to incur unnecessary costs, keeping a very upset client grounded and keeping me railed and grounded to the law vs. emotional expectations caused simply by the pain of divorce.

    I am extremely pleased with not just the leadership of Michael Kelly, but with his partners and his entire support team and highly recommend you meet with them before you commit to any other attorney. You will not be disappointed.

  • Great guy

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Great guy. I won't go into details about my case but suffice it to say that his experience was the winning factor for me. I was more than confident that he knew what he was doing.