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David Blair Nitka

David Nitka’s Legal Guides

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  • Getting Workers' Compensation Benefits Even when you are DRUNK at work.

    Drinking on the job is bad. I don't encourage it. I don't recommend it. At the same time, Drinking on the job is not a bar to a workers' compensation claim. If an employee alleges a work accident, the employer may raise a defense that that the injured worker was intoxicated. If t...

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  • Workers' Compensation + Personal Injury: Make sure your lawyer is getting you ALL your Money

    This article is about Jurisdiction. Specifically how can Jurisdiction work for you.Jurisdiction in the legal world means that a court has the power to hear a case. Courts have different Jurisdictions. A family law court can only hear family law issues. A criminal court can only h...

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  • How to Get out of a Parking Ticket

    Everyone gets parking tickets. Now that cities are cash strapped they have turned to parking tickets as an effective means of generating revenue. Just because you got a ticket does not mean you are in the wrong. Find out how to prove you should not have to pay.

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