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S Roger Rombro

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Best family law attorney

    This attorney and his staff are fantastic! I went through hell with two others. Knowledgable and diligent. I would recommend this firm to anyone with difficult child custody and divorse issues.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by David

    Please look for anyone else...

    I have never written a bad review before but this had to be done. I hired this attorney to separate two properties. I was already divorced with 60/40 custody of my two kids and was paying $800/month child support. The properties were two homes we eached lived in and had to split them because the ex was becoming a liabiliyty do to her drinking and driving. I did not want to be sued since both of our names were on the homes. After getting appraisals my attorney refused to get it in front of the judge saying we need to try and negotiate a deal. Mean while the housing market is falling like a rock. Who do you think is in the best position to negotiate. No surprise that no negotiation happened and I lost $45k in equity equalization. Thank God I only paid $350 for my appraisal. My attorney tried convince me to use his appraiser for $1500. By the time my attorney got this in front of the judge my first appraisal was no good and had to get a second appraisal. It all went down hill from there. My ex was making wild accusations and my attorney was out maneuvered. I should of walked away then but he kept assuring me things would turn around and turn around they did. Three years later and $100,000 in debt, child support now over$1600/month and the houses still not split I finaly fired my attorney. I lost close to $80k in equity equalization had to settle with the ex for pennies on the dollar to end this nightmare. I will be paying for my bad attorney choise for the next ten years. Yes you may need an attorney, just not this one. Good luck to you. Oh my ex's attorney was in her first year of practice after passing the bar.