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Athina Karamanlis Powers

About Athina Karamanlis Powers

About me

Athina Powers is a California Attorney and Fraud Examiner, former lawyer of the Supreme Court of Greece and the Court of Justice in Brussels, and founder of a contemporary boutique law practice in California that assists clients in the counties of Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Francisco. Her mission is to provide clients with effective and efficient legal representation. For over 30 years, Attorney Powers has successfully represented clients in cases ranging from finance and economics to white collar crime and fraud investigations, as a(n): 1. Economist 2. Attorney of the Supreme Court of Greece and European Court of Justice (member of the Athenian Bar Association (1987-2000)) 3. Former Foreign Legal Consultant for the State of New York 4. Attorney of the State of California and member of the California State Bar Association 5. Certified Fraud Examiner * *California State Bar does not recognize Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) as a specialty for California lawyers. Attorney Powers has extensive experience in the fields of: Business Law Fraud Law (Civil, Criminal, State and Federal) Family Law Cyber Law, Internet Law & Website Counseling Real Estate Law Legal Malpractice Medical Malpractice Intellectual Property Law International Law Settlement Counsel Her practice also provides: Background checks 30-minute FREE consultation Flexible payment plans Competitive Pricing