I received an accusation on my nursing license related to a first offense misdemeanor DUI. The Board of Nursing wanted to revoke my license related to this incident. I was very lucky to have found Scott Harris by doing a random search on the internet for license defense lawyers. He was the second lawyer that I went to regarding this issue but I knew right away that I wanted him to represent me. From the time I met Mr. Harris, and throughout the whole process, he kept me informed on all of my options, took time to listen to my concerns and always gave me honest answers and feedback. He was very supportive and always available throughout this stressful time. With Mr. Harris representing me, I chose to take my case before an administrative law judge. The judge ruled in our favor and recommended that the brn not revoke my license. The board decided to non adopt the decision and still wanted to revoke my license with a probation period. We had to take my case to the superior court, where another judge ruled in my favor ordering the brn to reconsider the decision, stating that license revocation was too extreme of a discipline in my case. I am very happy with how my case turned out and thanks to the help of Mr. Harris my license was not revoked by the brn. I highly recommend Scott Harris to anyone in need of license defense.