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  1. What could happen? is this consider raping?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    This likely will not be enough for a prosecutor to formally charge someone with a crime. But a little background on the criminal process: The criminal process begins when someone is accused of committing a crime. Unless a police officer personally witnesses the crime, an investigation must take place in most instances before law enforcement may place an arrest and take someone into custody. In your instance, if law enforcement were to get involved, the investigation would likely result in...

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  2. Do I have any recourse after suffering an injury while trying on sunglasses?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    While it is unclear exactly how the store was negligent, you should certainly consult a personal injury lawyer regarding your injuries. You very well may have a viable claim.

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  3. Say I am pulled over for something minor, do I have to tell the officer I have a gun in the car if they don't ask?

    Answered 10 months ago.

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    Absolutely not. You do not have to volunteer ANY information. You have the right to remain silent. Furthermore, if you were questioned and in "custody" you have to be read your rights. You can ask for your attorney or ask to leave the scene as well. There are many rules and exception to the rule for searches and seizures. It is always best to exercise your right to remain silent. An overbearing law enforcement officer may turn an innocent stop into frivolous criminal charges. We see innocent...

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  4. Half hour free consultation

    Answered 11 months ago.

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    It depends on the attorney and on the type of case. A good free consultation would include GENERAL information about the legal process and what to expect. It would NOT include specific legal strategies, outcomes or any other type of definitive answers. A free consultation is a really good way to get a feel for the law firm and determine what the FIRM is about, more than what your case is about. No lawyer on earth can tell you specific answers about your case without being hired and conducting...

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  5. Is it illegal to manage webcam models from other countries if they are adults?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    It does not seem as though you are violating any laws in the US but you may be in other countries or jurisdictions. In regards to the webcam sites, unless you are involved in activity that is not mentioned in your question, nothing seems to be illegal either. Seems like you are doing a good thing.

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  6. If a victim recants, will the initial police report be thrown out?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    If a victim recants their story, the police report will not be "thrown out" or destroyed. The main issue in your questions is that the case is from 20 years ago. They should have a copy of it somewhere. Finding it, and getting it, is going to be difficult. Prosecutors normally treat sex crimes very seriously and if their was ever enough evidence to move forward, they should have. There is likely something missing here.