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Galorah Keshavarz

Galorah Keshavarz’s client reviews

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  • Working with Galorah rewarded us with piece of mind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by asker

    We were stuck in an immigration case wherein USCIS did not seem to have totally forgotten our case. Our case was not moving forward making it way lagging behind the expected processing time. But once we had Galorah on our side we started to receive the long overdue notices from USCIS. My wife was accepted for permanent residency today only for Galorah's help. She is professional and has your best interest at heart. Working with her helped us to stop being worried all the time and rather focus on and enjoy our daily life. Thanks Galorah for who you are.

  • Galorah is really the best. Knowledgable, professional and a huge heart for her clients.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristie

    I should have written this at least a year ago since my husband and I are coming up on our 2 year anniversary, but better late than never! Galorah was absolutely stellar in helping us with our immigration filing. My husband is from Sweden, and I was terrified at the thought of navigating the immigration process but from our first phone call, I felt completely at ease putting our case in her hands. She is truly an expert in her field, and she is so personable. I felt that she truly cared about us as a couple. I always felt that she was available for questions or concerns, and that we were a priority for her. She made what could have been a nerve-racking process so very easy and smooth. She's very straightforward, matter of fact, and prepares everything for you so no fear of doing something wrong. All you need to do is stick to her timelines and give her whatever paperwork she requests. She is worth every dollar spent for her professionalism and for our peace of my mind. We have referred her to other couples in need of immigration help and will continue to do so as long as she is in practice. we cannot recommend her enough. We are so grateful for her expertise and so glad that we found her.

  • I highly recommend Galorah Keshavarz

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Faranak

    I would like to share my experience on this site. I will highly recommend Galorah Keshavarz to those who are seeking for a professional, knowledgeable, dedicated attorney. She has a pleasant character and very reliable. Her broad knowledge as an asset to her clients. She is well organized and follows her clients case with tact and love. She is a person that I can trust to; I wish her the best in her life.

  • The most respectable helpful kindest attorney I've come across

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bayan

    I would most certainly recommend Galorah to anyone that needs an immigration attorney. She's very knowledgeable, intelligent, kind, supportive, and helpful in every way.
    I needed help to get my immigration status fixed and she was the most supportive person I knew. She was confident and always kept me updated. She is definitely an attorney you can trust and depend on.

  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Delfino

    After meeting with several lawyers and not feeling comfortable with any of them I contacted Galorah. Upon meeting her I immediately felt comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable in her field and makes sure her clients understand everything about their case. When I have questions or concerns she addressed them quickly. I would definitely recommend Galorah.

  • Highly recommended!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jessica

    One of the most honest and intelligent attorneys I have ever met! I had met with several other attorneys before meeting Galorah, but from the first moment I met her I knew there was something very genuine about her. She greeted me with a warm welcome and took me to her conference room to discuss my case. She offered a free consultation, took the time to listen to every detail, and already started giving me advice on all the things I need to do. I knew she was so honest because she was telling me things that I could do myself instead of paying her lawyer fees to do it for me. She guided us every step of the way and was very responsive to every single email and phone call. She was very flexible and had offered to meet me after hours at a coffee shop as well if that was easier for me.

    Galorah really puts in her personal touch and makes you comfortable so you can trust her completely. Her rates were very reasonable for the amount of work she does for you. We have already recommended her to a few of our friends too and they are also very impressed by her upfront honesty. She does not beat around the bush and try to get extra fees from you. She continued to answer all our questions way beyond what was expected of her. She even went out of her way to consult other senior attorneys on the case to make sure she was making the right decision on the course of action. She discussed the plan with us and made sure we were comfortable with it and made us feel confident that her strategy would work. I cannot stress enough how truly grateful we are to Galorah!

  • Galorah is AMAZING!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zensuke

    Galorah is an amazing lawyer. She is very personable and proffessional. She has an extensive knowledge of immigration law. My husband and I got married last November. I had a very complicated immigration status when we got married. I was out of status. I desparetedly needed a professional help. One day, I was looking for a lawyer online through this website called thumbtack. She responded to my inquiry quickly. Then the rest is history. As soon as we met with Galorah, we knew she would be our lawyer. She had a calm, a professional, and most of all, a very confident demeanor. A kind of confidence that seemed to come from her extensive experience. I had previously met with other immigration lawyers, but most of attorneys I met had uncertainty about my status and didn't really give me the confidence she showed me.
    She took care of the matter expediently. Our worries were instantly gone then.
    I am really glad to have her as our lawyer. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, I strongly recommend her. She is just wonderful!!

  • Very Uncooperative Lawyer

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mike

    I just called today to get some information regarding getting a visa for one of my clients, and she was acting like she was not interested to take even 5 min on the phone, and just want to give general information that are also available online, she looks like looking for BIG CASES to get money, not helpful and professional at all.

  • Highly Recommended, Excellent Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Frank

    In January this year my long-time girlfriend and I decided to get married when she was visiting from Argentina. When my wife returned to Buenos Aires I went to an immigration clinic downtown to have them go over our permanent residence application we had prepared. To our devastation we learned that my wife, an Argentine citizen, would not be able come live with me or even use her tourist visa to see me until the year long process was complete. Even though I had some immigration knowledge and experience I was not familiar with this technicality. I contacted Galorah to seek a second opinion.

    Galorah met with me and confirmed that this was correct and offered to help. I met with her a few more times to discuss the process and our options in proceeding. Once my wife and I decided on how to go forward Galorah BENEVOLENTLY AND SELFISHLY TOOK OUR CASE PRO-BONO FOR FREE!

    Not only is Galorah a lawyer with a truly great soul, she is knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She explained the filing process to us concisely, additionally noting the details of how the process functions in the real world as opposed to how it appears to work on paper. For example, she portrayed her expertise in the field by explaining that throughout the process different administrations routinely in practice ask for documents multiple times, when however, on the filing instructions they state that documents will be asked for on one occasion only.

    Additionally, her responsiveness also conveys her compassion and high quality level of counsel. Galorah has always been very quick getting back to us. Whenever we send her an email she usually responds the same day or the next day. Once we gave her the documents necessary for the application she promptly reviewed them and filed the application for us.

    Having Galorah as our lawyer has put us both at ease. We know what to expect in the coming months and are 100% confident that my wife’s application will be accepted. Recently, we received our receipt for our application and are excited to finish the application process with Galorah advocating for us.

    I highly recommend Galorah. From conversing with her about immigration law it is apparent to me that she is knowledgeable about many facets of the field. She helps all types of client and is truly a wonderful lawyer and compassionate human being

  • Amazing!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Camilla

    I first started working with Galorah about 3 years ago. I have never had any prior experience working with a lawyer, and was very nervous to get the immigration process started. She has been amazing throughout the whole process. I trust her completely and feel very comfortable having her handle my case. I sometimes get very impatient, and she answers my emails asap when I need her. I will definitely come back and work with her again if needed and will recommend her to everybody!