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Douglas Linde’s client reviews

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  • I Do Not Recommend Mr. Linde

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I do not recommend this attorney. He handled a copyright infringement matter. The defense filed a Motion to Strike which Mr. Linde failed to oppose and I lost my case. He then neglected to provide me with a timesheet or accounting of my case after I gave him a $10,000 retainer. He kept all the money, although I don't think he used it all, and moreover, lost me my case.

    Douglas Adam Linde’s response: “This comment and the negative comment below were left by the same person who has a long history of posting negative comments about attorneys on this site. It is a complete, 100%, lie. I have never failed to oppose a Motion to Strike leading to dismissal of a case. If anything like this did occur, it would, of course, be easy to verify. There would be a case name, a case number, a copy of the Motion to Strike, or an Order dismissing the case, among other things. Here, there is nothing. In that regard, I will pay $100,000 (ten times the amount of the alleged retainer I accepted) to the person who posted this comment, if they can post on this site a case name, a case number, a copy of the Motion to Strike, an Order of the Court, or any other piece of factual information supporting their claim. I have written to Avvo and asked them to try to confirm even a single fact with the person who posted the comment. There is not a single fact supporting this story, but Avvo has nevertheless failed to take the comment down. Please keep that in mind when reading any review, positive or negative, on this site. Anyone can write anything here.”
  • Incompetent and Unethical

    1.0 star

    Posted by L

    I DO NOT recommend this lawyer. He is the worst person I ever know. In 2011,I was hit by a negligent teenager in his fathers SUV on the way to work for his father. I sustained a broken dislocated neck and had emergent Spinal fusion surgeries done without my consent and have had revision surgeries. I'm extremely offended by Doug Linde's lack of procedural actions and lack of motions, no depositions, no discovery, no subpoenas, no experts. He also never returns any of my emails or phone calls. He's handling my very serious matters, and has made it impossible for other lawyers to take over my case. I'm finally sending in my complaint.

    He has completely mismanaged my cases, and doesn't keep me informed because he is stalemating my case. I believe he is trying to simply take a third of my insurance offer without doing any work, leaving me with what I could have had almost 2 years ago. He failed to retain a medical expert, and the defense filed an MSJ, upon which he withdrew the medical malpractice case and left me in Pro per on that case. I took it upon myself and found an expert, sent him a 4 inch binder of my records myself out of my own costs! does not watch out for my best interests, and instead has harmed me further. He has prejudiced me greatly.

    I feel extremely uncomfortable because he is tempermental, and has raised his voice at me before hanging up the phone on his one of few phone calls. I have simply instructed him to take actions, yet he does nothing and fails to communicate. Doug Linde is yet another tragedy instead of a solution to my life altering catastrophe. Shame on him

  • Outstanding

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    Doug Linde Law Firm has represented me on 3 occasions now. Each time their service and professionalism has been outstanding.

  • Integrity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Investment Fraud client

    This man is highly skilled and a weapon. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mr. Linde through an existing client of his. I was the victim of corporate and securities fraud and he has paved the way for me. He has a clear and sharp mind. I have never come across an attorney with so much follow through. In a courtroom, his words and strategies cut through the legal fluff that other lawyers abuse the law with. I highly recommend this lawyer and his firm.