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Theodore Daly Heyck

Theodore Heyck’s client reviews

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  • Power of Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    Mr. Heyck assisted me in acquiring a Power of Attorney for a very sick partner and offered to be there at the signing if necessary. He sent me the papers over the internet immediately and followed up the next day. I cannot imagine anyone else being more attentive.

  • My Terrific Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    Theodore Heyck has always been splendid. He has provided true counsel and advice for my family and I in a range of situations from contracts and leases to small claims to misdemeanor offenses. Mr. Heyck has gone above and beyond what I ever expected to assist me with any of my legal issues.

  • Theadore Daly Heyck

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    Mr. Heyck took over the case when I was getting the runaround and lack of response from attorney I had hired - I would have been buried in financial problems and lost my business had he not taken over.

    My business/personnel vehicle was destroyed by a construction dumpster - turns out litigant '1' blamed litigant '2' & '3', who in turn was blamed by litigant '6' because litigant '5' was having a bad day...etc, etc. - you see the developing nightmare dilemma unfolding. In the meantime my business, credit and pocketbook were quickly heading south.

    The case involved multiple litigants, and in some cases, large powerful legal teams buffering them from doing the 'right thing'. Although it was a time consuming and costly endeavour, he continued to push forward and kept me feeling positive, not allowing me to ever lose hope. He was all about correcting a wrong.

    It was 5 years of a case that, according to the Judge and after it went all the way up to jury selection day, should have been settled at the time I hired the first attorney. We won the case against all odds.

    Mr. Heyck (Ted) has the stamina, fortitude, drive and humanity that anyone would want behind a lawyer if you are trying to get someone to listen to your legitimate complaint.

  • Theodore Daly Heyck

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sonia

    I've know Ted Heyck for 17 years and he has represented our family in several matters. He is an excellent listener and gets things done and ALWAYS had our best interest in mind. In one case, he helped navigate the murky waters of dealing with matters in New York and Boston while we live here in California. Anytime you have to go through a trial, it is taxing and, at times, unpleasant. If you do not have a strong attorney, the process can be that much more excruciating. He understands the law and explains it in laymen terms. So happy to call him our counsel.