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Debra Susan Frank

About Debra Frank

About me

Attorney Debra S. Frank has established a strong reputation as a family law attorney. Based in Los Angeles, she has built her practice on a commitment to obtaining expertise in matters of family law and divorce and is a certified specialist in the area of family law. Attorney Debra S. Frank has spent a career doing more than simply keeping up with the law — she has been a force shaping it by participating in associations that comment upon and affirmatively sponsor family law legislation. She has also used her expertise as a certified family law specialist to mentor younger lawyers and serve as a resource for other lawyers.

Attorney Frank is equipped with the experience, knowledge and professional resources to assist individuals in the Los Angeles area with their family law needs. Debra S. Frank takes the time needed to fully assess the details of the case and consults experts when necessary, including financial forensic specialists capable of discovering hidden assets, social therapists to evaluate children's wishes and best interests, and financial experts for valuation of assets and liabilities. She is a compassionate family law and divorce attorney and is committed to understanding her clients' needs and goals. Debra S. Frank's highly personalized services are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Debra S. Frank utilizes traditional litigation, mediation, and collaborative family law to help clients successfully resolve family law problems. Debra S. Frank also brings to her family law practice extensive criminal and juvenile law experience, including plea negotiations and trials in defense of felony and misdemeanor offenses, and adjudications of juvenile offenses. She also handled dependency court proceedings. She utilizes this vast experience in the handling of family law proceedings.