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  1. Can back taxes owed to the IRS be discharged in bankruptcy

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    The answer is, it depends. Generaly speaking, reletively recent imcome tax obligations can not be discharged in bankruptcy, and reletivly "old" income tax obligations can be discharged. This area of the law is truly a minefield, and requries a comprehensive analysis by an attorney with experience with the discharge of income taxes in bankruptcy. The attorney must apply three seperate legal standards to each year for which you owe income taxes. If all three standards are met, then the taxes...

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  2. Is it possible to bankrupt against a legal judgement?

    Answered over 4 years ago.

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    The best way to analyze nearly any bankruptcy-related legal question is to first determine how the matter is treated outside bankruptcy, and then to determine how, if at all, a bankruptcy filing changes things. In nearly all states, and certainly in California where most of my law practice is based, a judgment, without more, does not give the creditor any greater rights than a creditor without a judgment. A judgment does, however, give the creditor a "ticket" to enforce its judgment against...