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Alex Grager

About Alex Grager

About me

I am a Family Law attorney and Certified Family Law Specialist with experience in all aspects of domestic relations and divorce law. I represent clients in all stages of divorce proceedings, from inception through trial or settlement, and post-Judgment. I have handled a multitude of case involving division of property and child and spousal support. While many family law practitioners choose to limit their practice to financial issues, I have successfully litigated a number of custody cases, many involving high-conflict and alienation issues. I have also litigated and have an expertise in domestic violence matters.

I first approach every case from a settlement perspective, always encouraging the client to work with the end goal in mind and with an eye towards minimizing the emotional impact of divorce. However, if a reasonable settlement is not within reach, I fully represent my clients in court to ensure that their interests and rights are protected. 

Divorce touches upon every aspect of an individual's life. I work with a number of highly-skilled mediators, mental health professionals, forensics, real estate and financial advisors to make sure that my clients have the best information and the best all-around representation possible. My background in psychology allows me to focus on my clients' needs and to offer appropriate solutions.