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Kenneth Yeager’s Client Reviews

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    Posted by a Slip and Fall client

    does not care about anything .... no matter what other tests show

    me nor my husband have never met this man, only had sent a representative come by. have tried to contact both associate and attorney without any response. sent my husband to a real quack of a doctor who did not care about his medical history, did not read other reports that showed physical ailments .. just told him to join a gym, there is no case so have the atty settle so he (the doctor) can get paid and there is no case ... if there is no case then why should this atty settle? and with what?. he said everything was normal for my husband's age. each and every doctor he has seen has said despite his knees and back that they are shocked and think he's at least 15-30 yeas younger than his actual age in health and presence. he walks a lot, he runs, he is a very active person but after he fell down very hard in a very unsafe place he felt a snap and the intense pain has not subsided, even with all the medications, some narcotic and this doctor just brushed him off implying he was a drug seeker, even though he has a pain management doctor for over 10 years due to his fibromyagia and parkinson;s. this was something completely separate from his other conditions, yet they should have shown this doctor that something is wrong with him., so if this is the doctor this attorney deals with alone, then they are both non professional and non caring. my husband feels defeated and at times when it's unbearable he feels suicidal, not that he would act on it, but can't figure out why people like this can control people's lives. why they don't care about a thing the client/patient has to say.