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Scott Daniel Mcvarish

Scott Mcvarish’s client reviews

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  • If you have an immigration case, theres no body better than Scott D Mcvarish

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Monica Calles

    Scott is a very professional immigration attorney. He did a great job and he has a deep and complete knowledge of immigration law. Is fast and very efficient. He is very intelligent and know how to work successfully the cases. He has a wonderful team and I will recommend very much if you have an immigration case, go to him, he will know what to do.

  • VAWA Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by VAWA Client

    Mr. McVarish helped me with my VAWA case. He did such an amazing job to help me go through the immigration process. Before I contacted Mr. McVarish, I called few other immigration lawyers. None of them were helpful and didn't make me feel comfortable hiring them. I'm so glad I found Mr. McVarish and hired him for my lawyer. He is one of the best immigration lawyer in U.S.A. He helped me to get a new life. Ms. Gianina informed me each progress, and answered all my questions on timely manner. It didn't take long before I received an approval letter from USCIS on my case.

    Thank you so much Mr. McVarish!! Keep up with your great work, Sir!!

  • Attorney review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Though i was hesitant to go through an attorney to get my situation fixed, thankfully i found the right group of people that were willing to fight for me. Scott was and is one of the most caring people i have ever met along with his assistant Gianina. My mom had gone through an Attorney back in 2004 and seemed like they weren't willing to fight as much as we needed them to. That case was closed and years later i had to find someone that was willing to fight for us.
    My family and I applied for our residency back in 2011 (not knowing how quickly the process was going to be) my sister got her residency Aug. 2013, i just got mine Nov. 2013 and my mother is going through the process . Because we weren't prepared financially and the fact that there was miscommunication from our part it took longer but i believe that if we would've had our ducks in a row we would had this done that same year we applied, not to mention that my family lives in northern California and i live in Colorado while still trying to communicate with Scott in L.A. was a little hectic, but Scott was very patient and gracious with my family and i.
    I have never met someone that has fought so hard for our family to get us where we needed to be. He was very thorough and explained every detail along the way. He always kept us in the loop and prepared us well.
    Apart from the business side he and his assistant truly cared about our situation and were amazing in every step of the way.
    I recommend Scott and his team 100% i owe him my freedom to have the chance to live in the US and make a better life for my family

  • excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alma

    When I first started searching for an immigration lawyer; my plan was to have a couple of consultations before deciding to choose a lawyer to represent me on my case. Scott McVarish was my first consultation, right from the start I felt very comfortable and got a good feeling about him and his assistant Gianina. He gave me hope that my U Visa would be a straight forward case with hopefully no complications. Gianina and Mr McVarish were would always quick to reply to my emails with concerns and questions. I am very grateful that I came across a professional and experienced immigration lawyer that was confident and honest about my case from the beginning. I look forward to work with him on applying for a residence card once it is time to apply for it as for now I am glad that my case turned out well and my visa was approved.

  • I am a very satisfied customer.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Samuel

    I had Mr. Scott MacVarish as my attorney for almost a year and am very pleased with the service he and staff provided. They always kept me updated on my case file which helped me stay informed. Thanks their work, everything turned out great with my case and I will be recommending Mr. Scott MacVarish's attorney services. I also plan on retaining his service if I should need any attorney representation in the future.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carla

    I am impressed and really happy with the attention and marvelous job Scott McVarish and his team have done in my case. It was so easy and quick!!! From the day my papers were filed to the day I got my green card were only 4 months. During all the process, they were in touch with me and explained everything with detail. He sees clients, like if they were family or friends. Very supportive and understanding. This is one of the best investments I have ever done in my life, hands down. My money and status were in his hands and he made it work!!! Totally trustworthy. Thank you Scott and Immigration Law Office.


  • A surprisingly positive experience.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniela

    I highly, highly recommend Scott as an immigration lawyer. I found through my experience that he is definitely someone you can trust.

    He is the type of lawyer that has your best interest at heart. Scott helped me with my work visa. Throughout the process he was very thorough; he would call and/or email requesting whatever additional information was needed. It felt like his office didn't mind putting the extra effort because they truly wanted to help me.. Thankfully his (and Gianina's) work paid off and my work visa was approved. (Yei!)

    I couldn't emphasize enough that Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles has a friendly staff, you can tell that you are dealing with good people who are really on your side. When I say this I refer to both Scott and Gianina. They are both positive people who made me feel like my case was their priority. Furthermore, I got the impression that they are truly trying to change the immigrant experience in this country for the best.

    Finally, my previous experience with an immigration lawyer had been that they gave me an initial quote of how much her services were going to cost and then when the whole process ended, she charged me triple of what she had said. Scott is NOT like that. He gave an initial fixed rate from the start and that is exactly what he charged at the end. I am thankful for his honesty and integrity.

    I truly don't have anything negative to say about Scott. I am thankful for his services and I hope he continues to help many immigrants like he helped me.

  • The Best One!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    When more than six lawyers told me that I cannot get my residency here because I needed to back to my country and wait there for ten years, he gave me a solution to my case. I just got my green card couple weeks ago. He made possible what for others was impossible. He is the best lawyer! I am very thankful to God and to my lawyer Scott because I am free. I can start a new life of freedom in this wonderful country.

  • He saved my family after others said case was impossible

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Silvia

    I am very thankful to have found attorney Scott McVarish ! He came to Colorado and took my husband out of ICE detention center. My husband and I hired an immigration attorney here in colorado who scammed us and took our money and submitted all the wrong paper work for my husband's case which resulted in my husband being picked up by ICE. The morning ICE took my husband I called several immigration attorney's here in colorado and no one gave me hope there answer was "pack your bags looks like your going to El Salvador" without even knowing my husband or his story that was the type of comments I received. I refused to give up I knew there was an immigration attorney out there somewhere who could help us and sure enough through a contact I had in california I found Mr. Scott McVarish and he gave my family and I "HOPE" and he was more than willing to listen to our story. Attorney Scott McVarish is kind , patient, caring and very proffesional and honest. Mr. McVarish was in contact with me everyday when my husband was being detained at ICE detention center reasuring me that my husband would be home soon. Two weeks later Mr. McVarish came to colorado and took my husband out of ICE detention center. I am so thankful and grateful I recommend attorney Scott McVarish to any one who is going through a difficult time with an immigration case! Mr. McVarish cares about his clients and does everything in his power to keep families together! Mr. McVarish has come to colorado to do a training educating families and community leaders and teachers on immigration issues and rights! I appreciate everything Mr. McVarish has done with my husbands case the road is long and at times difficult but I can truly say that it helps to know that someone like Mr. McVarish is on our side and doing everything possible to keep our family together. Attorney Scott McVarish is a Godsend. My family and I are forever grateful:)

  • Trust and Confidence

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Imani

    I was very fortunate to come across and hire attorney Scott McVarish to represent my sister on an extremely difficult deportation case. Mr. McVarish is a very caring, honest, knowledgeable, and professional attorney. He quickly gained our confidence and trust.
    Mr. McVarish worked diligently to help my sister get out of detention and stop the deportation process. All throughout his work, he kept me informed in a very detailed manner of all the steps that were being undertaken. All the pros and cons in the decision making process were explored.
    Mr. McVarish’s extensive knowledge in immigration law is impressive. He was prepared to meet and overcame all challenges presented before him. His outstanding work and thoroughness were praised by a Federal District Court Judge and a Senior Immigration Prosecutor from Washington D.C..
    His excellent job in handling the deportation case led us to trusting him with re-opening the criminal case that led to my sister’s deportation proceedings. He quickly had my sister’s criminal conviction overturned due to Ineffective Assistance of Council by her prior attorneys.
    Once the criminal conviction was overturned, Mr. McVarish filed a Motion to reopen with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Thanks to Mr. McVarish’s success with the Federal and Criminal courts, the BIA agreed to reopen the case and terminated the proceedings against my sister. Although it was a difficult case, Mr. McVarish resolved all of my sister’s legal matters in a few months. All that is left to do now is renew her Green Card (Legal Permanent Resident) and apply for her United States Citizenship.
    My family would like to thank Scott McVarish from the bottom of our hearts for the marvelous job he has done and continuous to do in my sister case. Mr. McVarish is not only a great attorney, but a compassionate human being.
    - Imani

    Scott Daniel Mcvarish’s response: “I am familiar with the facts of this case and I have to say, as a fellow immigration attorney, I am impressed by what Scott accomplished here. It was an extremely difficult case, and as stated above, both the federal district judge and US attorney were complimentary-- highly unusual! Good work Scott!”