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Elliott H Stone

Elliott Stone’s client reviews

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    1.0 star

    Posted by Josh

    Elliot Stone is the type of lawyer who will make you feel good about your case during the initial consultation. However, after you sign the papers and give him his money, everything changes. He starts to talk down to you. He passes off the work he says he was going to do to a 3rd party contractor (read: someone not even apart of his law firm). This 3rd party was the one to actually show up to my formal hearing, with Mr Stone nowhere to be found.

    He spoke down not only to me but to my Accountant and company Lawyer as well (the both separately told me as much). He treated all of us like idiots during the process of my Bankruptcy.

    Mr Stone promised to do much more for me after my BK case as well, however. He said he was going to sue the companies that improperly contacted me during my BK. HE LEFT ME HANGING OUT TO DRY!!

    I contacted him for several months afterwards, to which he happily responded, saying that he was going to help me pursue these cases. I did everything he asked me to, including writing companies after-the-fact to check on the status of my loans and he completely ignored me when the responses arrived.

    I sent one more email about multiple things that were still unresolved that he said he was going to help me with.

    He responded, telling me that we could set up a phone meeting for early the next week. I sent two emails back asking for a time and day that I could set aside for sure. He didn't respond back, nor did I get a call that week. After almost two weeks of no contact (I did call and email him once or twice during this time as well), he finally sent me a rescinding letter. I told him MONTHS before this that if he didn't want to take my case to tell me then so I could find someone new to help me. Instead, he could have cared less about my personal well-being and my finances that I worked so hard to get in order.

    Why did it take him so long just to say he didn't want to represent me anymore? This was the most UNPROFESSIONAL thing I could have ever experienced.


  • Awesome!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bora

    I had a very complicated case. I discussed it with Elliott. He is so informative and knowledgable. Wow!! I'm so impressed...


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Martin

    After searching high and low for an attorney who would provide adequate counsel for an alleged student loan debt, I found Elliott Stone. Mr. Stone is an outstanding attorney who puts forward a tremendous effort to provide excellent representation. Mr. Stone has provided me with peace of mind while dealing with a legal matter. He is a professional who is knowledgeable, thorough and pleasant to deal with in every communication. If dealing with a consumer affairs issue such as student loans, seek no further as Mr. Stone is the best around. I highly recommend Attorney Stone.

  • Real Estate defamation discussion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    Mr. Stone was very knowledgeable about the ramifications of dealing with a defamation and libel Real Estate situation.
    He responded very quickly to my request to discuss my situation.
    His conclusions and ability to discern potential pitfalls was amazing!
    I would recommend him for anyone needing help in understanding Real Estate litigation.

  • Finally an attorney who understands student loan law

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Alexi B

    Before finding Elliot I searched for an attorney who understood student loans. He was the only lawyer I met with that actually got it. He knows student loan law very well and gave me great advice on how to handle my difficult student loan issues. He made me feel good about myself, after being ashamed for so long, and let me know how it wasn't my fault. I would definitely recommend Elliott to anyone who needs help with their student loans.

  • Helping small business owners fight Joe Hand Lawsuits

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Media client

    My regular family attorney had recommended using Elliot Stone, for defending myself against a Joe Hand Promotions lawsuit. When you first get served and, find out that you are being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars it can be terrifying. Elliot put my worries to ease immediately, with his knowledge and experience with this type of case, and the law firm that had filed the suit against me. It seems that Verizon does not bill commercial customers properly for pay per view events. In this day of technology, trade marks, copy rights you end up being labeled a pirate and not a cool one like Johnny Dep. You hope to never need an attorney, but if you do in this type of case you could do no better and trust in Stone Law Firm to fight for your rights as small business owners.

  • Student Loans

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Education client

    Mr. Stone will provide a free phone consultation which is useful for when you decide his services are worth paying for, and will definitely save you money on student loans in the long run. He also offers a free book about student loans. Additionally, he will work out a payment plan to fit your budget, therefore in my opinion, given the high cost of attorney fees, its a great benefit that Mr. Stone is willing to work with your situation.

  • The Only Lawyer I Really Trusted and Still Do

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I needed a lawyer for a student loan case that came about 15-20 years after I paid off my student loan. I called around to about 5 different lawyers who said they did not handle student loans but the 5 kept referring me to Elliot. One of the lawyers went so far to say he would make sure Elliot would give me a call. Sure enough Elliott called me within 15 min.

    Elliott is a world class lawyer and does not fit the lawyer stereotype. He was always available to take my calls, if he was in court he would email me to let me know and get back to me as soon as he was available. He was very responsive to emails, our preferred communication method. All emails were generally answered the same business day, usually within the hour they were sent. He also kept me informed of my case and any developments. I was never in the dark as to what was going on. When there was no news or developments he would email me to let me know.

    Elliot's knowledge about student loan law and case history is amazing. So much so he know more than the other parties lawyer and the mediator. In fact they had to go research the laws he was quoting because the mediator and the other lawyer was not aware they those laws existed.

    Above all Elliott's primary concerns was me as a person. Elliot main focus was to make sure I was getting the best financial settlement even though it would be less money for him.

    I was not one of Elliot's largest client in fact I am sure I am the smallest client he as ever had but he always made me feel my case was his most important.