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Anish Vashistha

Anish Vashistha’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adnan

    Hired Attorney

    Best ever I found

    I was in deep trouble back home in Pakistan , Anish really presented my case super professionally which later on led me success to win an approval of change of status.
    I am thankful of almighty Allah who guides me to hire Anish as my legal representative

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    This Is the Attorney You Want Representing You!

    I remember reading reviews like this when we first started the Immigration process with my husband. I'd pour through reviews in search of a glimpse of humanity and hope. We wanted an attorney who would speak to us like PEOPLE and understand this can feel like a very SCARY process. We wanted an attorney who was experienced, good at what he/she did and could without a doubt get us the results we wanted.

    We found all of this when we hired Anish.

    Anish is WONDERFUL attorney. He is intelligent, strategic and thoughtful. Within a year and a half, my husband's status was successfully changed. He is an incredibly thorough attorney. If he doesn't know the exact answer he'll do an exhaustive search until he has the right strategy. We always felt in good hands with his direction and guidance.

    He was meticulous in his paperwork and information gathering. He made sure we were prepared and prepped for every step of the way. This entire process can be overwhelming because you are not in control and it involves the fate of the ones you love most. Anish understood all of this and ensured that we felt as comfortable as we could with the process, explaining the nuances and details we needed to know.

    What few people seem to understand about this process is that for many of us it is about our entire life direction being wrapped up in paperwork and arbitrary forms. Anish is someone who understands the gravity of the situation but has incredible confidence in his skills - and he should - he's truly exceptional!

    And now my husband and I are leaving to go travel - freely - to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
    Our lives are incredibly changed for the better.

    We couldn't have done this w/o Anish's help.

    Would highly recommend him to anyone needing help w/ Immigration issues.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by k poonnat

    Job Well Done

    With sincere thanks to Anish Vashistha and his Law firm (Law firm of Leon Hazany & associates ) for all your hard work and all you have done .Words cannot express my thankfulness . It is greatly appreciated. I came to this law firm in 2011 with frustration and hopeless about my immigration issues. He gave me hope when I thought hope was gone. It was a great help in my most hard time. Sometime , money means nothing and there are many things that money cannot buy . Only people who care so deeply for other in need will understand it. My complex immigration issues began in 1999. I had 4 high profile immigration attorneys to handle my case during the past 11 years (1999-2010) . However, none of them were successful . I have been his client for almost 3 years . My complicated immigration issues have been resolved and my green card was approved last week. Anish and his firm have handled my case professionally, efficiently and successfully. Anish is a rare treasure, he is not only a professional, polite, sincere and always accessible attorney , but also he is very compassionate , genuinely generous, caring and kind person. It is my pleasure to have him to be my attorney . and represent me in court. Once again, thank you ....for a job well done....

    I highly recommend Attorney Anish Vashisthta and his law firm to anyone who is looking for superior immigration service.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by denny

    my experience with anish vashistha

    I would like to share my experience with the lawyer Anish Vashistha and how he helped solve my problem much more easily than any other lawyer. I found Anish through my friend who previously hired Anish and who was strongly recommending him. My friend explained how Anish had solved his problem even though he was in a really bad situation. Before I went to see Anish, I had consultations with 3 other immigration lawyers, but no one was able to assure success or even give me a straight answer due to the complexity of my situation. So, when I went to see Anish, I had low expectation based on what the other 3 immigration lawyers had already told me, but based on his experience and knowledge of the Immigration office, Anish gave me an answer of “Yes” after he heard my situation. I could believe his answer because I saw that he fixed my friend’s worse situation. And here I am! In only 3 months, I got naturalized and was finally able to visit my hometown after 15 years. I can’t describe how good he is compared to the other lawyers who were even hesitating to give an answer. Thank you very much once again, Anish!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Andres

    Best choice for the job.

    In a time where we had begun to lose faith in the immigration process, we were fortunate enough to come across Anish and his law firm. Initially hesitant to have our hopes shattered once more, we were quickly proven that this was not at all like previous attempts. Anish proved to be everything that we had been in search for in all those hopeless years. He worked with such determination to not only obtain successful results but to ensure that our anxieties and worries would be put to rest. He is a caring and genuinely intellectual. Vastly knowledgeable and truly sincere, Anish is the best option out there. He makes sure the job gets done and that it gets done the right way. Anyone who has become disillusioned with the system, worry no more. The best solution to your worries is Anish because he ensures a high quality job without having you feel like you're speaking to a robot. He is with you every single step of the way.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karim

    Highly recommend

    I've been working with Mr. Vashistha for the past four years as my immigration attorney who had approved for me two H1B visas with two different companies and finally my Green Card. He is an attorney who you feel safe and in good hands with. I have to say he is the most informative and knowledgeable immigration attorney I have worked with. I talked to multiple attorneys before Mr. Vashistha, and they all sounded the same till a friend recommended Mr. Vashistha. Although we worked remotely, as he was in a different state, which I felt was a big risk for me to take at the start, I felt he was the real deal. He told me exactly what should we go for, what he needed, and what I should do. With the first H1B visa, which is always the hardest, he made everything go so smoothly. He's always available, responds right away, and explains and answers to all questions and concerns multiple times. He is always prepared for the next step and always overcomes and prepares for any challenge. He never gave up on my case and always found a way. What was surprising as I had some issues with my first employer, he was still committed to my case even after I was granted the visa.
    For my second H1B, the process went really smoothly as I started working right away, Mr. Vashistha worked on the process, and he got me the visa in no time. Right after that we started talking about getting my Green Card. He confirmed from the start that I am ready and that I do have a legit case despite some issues, so we started the process. We had some challenges that we overcame one step at a time; I would say my case wasn't an easy case. He knew exactly when to apply based on what my case needed and if there were options for me to make the process faster. For example, he made me wait till I reached 5 years of experience, which delayed us in filing for a couple of months, but it was a much much faster process at the end. Also my employer’s immigrant petition mistakenly got denied initially, but from my experience working with Mr. Vashistha, I didn't freak out. I know that he had a plan, and a few day afterward he told me exactly what we need to do and what papers we need to have the case reopened. At the end, he delivered, my residency application got approved, and I got my Green Card.
    I am really thankful to Mr. Vashistha, and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an immigration attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by kp

    An extraordinary immigration attorney.

    Anish is the smartest, nicest and most talented attorney I have ever met. I came to his office 2 years ago with my dark side and hopeless. He has handled my case with confidence, efficiently, effectively and professionally. As I observe, he is truly dedicated to his clients and shown genuine interest in helping them . His answers are always thoughtful and accurate. He and his firm treat clients with caring , honest , respect, warmth and humility. I have had the honor and privilege of having Anish to be my attorney and will stand up for me in court.
    I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an extraordinary immigration attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Pankaj

    Delivers as promised.

    I have worked with Anish a couple of times in the past few years and each time he did a terrific job with my petition. He is easy to work with and laid out my options in very easy to understand language as opposed to legal speak. Our marriage based Greencard application has some complexity to it and Anish took the extra steps to ensure that our petition was solid. We are really happy with his honesty and professionalism.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dhaval

    Confident, knowledgeable and very Professional... Best lawyer in LA !

    He is one of the most confident person I have encounter.

    We met him during our immigration process. We went to many lawyers for initial review and found couple of them very professional. But during the initial interaction with Anish, he came across as confident and knowledgeable lawyer. He actually made sense and knows what he is doing. He always kept us informed and guided us about the filing process, changing laws, interview and was always on the mark. One is bound to be anxious till you get the final approval but he made the entire process very smooth and most importantly, SUCCESSFUL !

    At personal level too he is very humble and is always willing to help us.

    I have and would highly recommend Anish to my family and friends. And, so shall you !

    I wish you All The Best !


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Excellent Person for Immigration cases

    I was very impressed with Anish's professionalism, and his conduct of the case as a whole. I was anxious to have the case concluded quickly and found him to be responsive to my needs, helpful, and above all extremely efficient. He is a professional with dedication. His time management and organization skill was brilliant as I have never reminded him about my case follow up. His professional way of dealing case was stunning. My case was quite complicated and required special attention as I have been victim of Human trafficking and domestic violence. My husband has beaten me and took everything away from me. I have lost completely hope for getting better life. But Anish's guidance and help has made me feel that there is definitely way for better life. I would happily recommend him and his firm to others in future as a result of the experience I have had and service I have received. I am always thankful to Anish for my better life and future.