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Amy Semmel

Amy Semmel’s client reviews

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  • Absolutely Amazing, Outstanding Representation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Powerful and extremely influential in her field of expertise, I could not believe how utterly protected I was! I will never be able to thank Amy Semmel enough! So, thank you my friend! You are awesome! This is how it goes with Amy. Trust me, if you work with Amy, she will become your friend too! She is simply remarkable! I needed help this past year, and although time was tight, I found Amy Semmel! I would like to tell anyone that reads this post... please, call Amy! Don't wait. From wrongful termination, to any number of complex and complicated employment scenarios, believe me, Amy knows exactly what to do! Most importantly, if you have a heart like I do, Amy is a sincerely compassionate, highly educated and caring human being! It didn't matter what time of day it was, my calls were always (and I mean always) answered and returned. I was given massive doses of the dignity and care that I craved, in my greatest moment of need. Our lives are formed in memories of the paths that we create. Amy joined me along my path and for that, I am so fortunate.

  • Employment termination of a health care provider

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lea

    I am grateful for having found Amy and to have had the great fortune to have her represent my case. Any instance when a lawyer is deemed necessary is not an ideal life experience but with Amy I always felt well supported and informed. The greatest lessons learned were that no defendant will admit wrong doing and the facts as you interpret them are just that , your interpretation. Working with Amy I learned for the first time about about being a plaintiff and being well represented. The initial screening process seemed a bit stringent but in retrospect it was very necessary to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my case so as not to waste time and resources. I emerged from my experience much the wiser and have and will use what I have learned from Amy to protect my livelihood. I am very satisfied with the handling of my case and would not hesitate to refer any individual to Amy in regards to employment disputes.

  • The Cream of the Crop

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Quite possibly the best experience I ever had in regard to litigation.
    She (Amy Semmel) is transparent, knowledgeable, humble and extremely comfortable to be with. She is understanding, sensitive and listens to her clients and respects their feelings. I have dealt with several attorneys in the past, but in my opinion, Amy Semmel is the best by far.
    I highly recommend Amy Semmel.

  • Successful settlement - Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    After a termination that was personally devastating, I sought out legal representation. I felt I had a strong case for discrimination, including ADA violations, misclassification of exempt status and wrongful termination.

    I retained Ms. Semmel who provided me service with excellence. She responded to my many questions regarding my claim and discussed where my case was strong. Ms. Semmel exercised patience and support at times when I felt overwhelmed. She explained each step keeping me informed as the case progressed.

    Nine months after my termination, I am still unemployed. I went from independent to dependent, having to give up my apartment and move home. This was an extremely difficult adjustment at my age, over fifty.

    The good news is that Ms. Semmel has successfully negotiated a settlement on my claim. Although my former employer denied all claims, I am extremely satisfied with the settlement. This was accomplished in a fairly short time after filing a demand, less than five months.

    My experience with Ms. Amy Semmel has proven her to be professional, respectful and responsive. I highly recommend Ms. Semmel for representation on employment related claims.

  • The Creative Lawyer for Employment Litigation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ben

    Ms. Amy Semmel of KelleySemmel LLC helped me to receive a fair settlement after I had been experiencing a serious employment grievance. I was terminated from my Corporate Officer Position without pay and needed a lawyer, who would fight for my rights. My situation seemed almost hopeless with nothing else to acknowledge than being just another victim of corporate greed. Right from the start Ms. Semmel provided clear informational support and helped me to understand the legal issues involved in my specific case. Throughout the litigation process she kept me updated on all developments. I learned that Ms. Semmel is a creative problem solver, who works efficiently in order to succeed.