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  1. My boyfriend and i are buying a house together. I want a legal document that will state that we are half owners of the property.

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    2. Zachary David Schorr
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    Taking title as tenants in common does make sense. I have seen many situations where non-married couples take title to property and then end up in a legal battle years later. Plan ahead.

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  2. Landlord Tenant issues - Does a property manager for a single family house need to hold a real estate license?

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Michael Paul Ruttle
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    A property manager is supposed to hold a license if they are collecting rent for a non-owner. In other words, you do not need to have a real estate license if you are managing your own property. But, if you manage for someone else or someone else manages for you then they are supposed to have a license.

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  3. Condo noise level what are my rights?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Zachary David Schorr
    2. Nicholas Basil Spirtos
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    You may have a claim for a nuisance. You may want to consider whether you should replace your windows yourself and ask the board if that is permitted. Your best bet is to have an attorney review the CC&Rs to determine if you have any contractual rights.

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  4. I sued my landlord and won for dog attack, now I received a rent and deposit increase 2 weeks later. Is this retaliation?

    Answered 14 days ago.

    1. Zachary David Schorr
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    I suggest getting an attorney. It could be retaliatory conduct. That said, if they are not attempting to evict you and the landlord has a valid basis for increasing the rent the conduct may not be retaliatory at all. I recommend you review Civil Code 1942.5 on retaliatory eviction. Every case is fact specific so you are best off consulting an attorney in your area to see if you have a claim.

  5. Can I evict tenant for violating single-occupancy lease term?

    Answered 20 days ago.

    1. Zachary David Schorr
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    The answer can depend on whether or not you are in a rent controlled unit. That said, generally you can issue a three day notice to comply with a covenant in the lease or quit. In this instance, you would be asking the tenant to comply with the lease covenant that requires the tenant to only have single occupancy. In any event, without reviewing your lease it is hard to say. I suggest you take your lease to an attorney for consultation and possible help with the 3 day notice.

  6. Sheriff Sale on Judicial Judgment - Can an easement be added before auction?

    Answered 21 days ago.

    1. Zachary David Schorr
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    This is very complicated. Typically the sheriff's sale acts like a foreclosure and wipes out everything junior to it. Generally the rule of first in time first in right applies. That said, you may have certain rights based on your use of the area for an argument about an easement by necessity or prescriptive rights. I suggest consulting a real estate attorney.

  7. Partition action - interlocutory judgment by motion or trial needed

    Answered 28 days ago.

    1. Mark Steven Eisenberg
    2. Anthony Allen Roach
    3. Zachary David Schorr
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    To obtain a judgment by partition you actually have to litigate the entire case or as someone answered below obtain a judgment through a motion for summary judgment. We typically recommend you explain the costs of the process to your business partner and try to resolve it that way. There is a provision for attorneys' fees in partition actions that can come into play and make it a costly process for someone opposing such effort.

  8. We have a boundary dispute with a neighbor. We think we could acquire this small parcel by adverse possession.

    Answered 25 days ago.

    1. Margaret Green DeLanders
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    4. Zachary David Schorr
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    Your neighbor probably gave you this letter so that they can argue the use is permissive as opposed to hostile (adverse). Like the others, I suggest you contact an attorney to discuss the specifics. That said, in California (I know you are in MA) there is good case law that says title passes as a matter of law after the prescriptive period has ended regardless of when you bring your claim - in other words you may be able to argue that the neighbor is too late. It also sounds more like you...