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  1. Petty theft misdemeanor charge will be reduced to petty theft infraction or misdemeanor trespassing. Which one will be better.

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Anthony Michael Solis
    2. Michael Hugh Carlin
    3. Alexander Joseph Segal
    4. Wendy Rebecca Barlow
    5. Alexus Paul Sham
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    Remember that for licensing, they will look at original charge and police report. Infraction is best and if it's one for disturbing the peace/trespass -- that is better than theft. It also depends on how the case was resolved. Are you to plead to the misdemeanor and have it reduced to an infraction later? Best if you can get all the requirements and get a straight infraction plea. Petty theft infraction is not a criminal offense and there is no probation. Some licensing applications ask for...

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  2. Criminal case defendant is in Pro Per. Can he have another attorney make a Special Appearance for him when he can't be in court.

    Answered about 1 year ago.

    1. Sean Patrick Lewis
    2. William Carlos Makler
    3. Robert Laurens Driessen
    4. Tracy Green
    5. Michael James Kennedy
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    One of the issues will be whether the charges are misdemeanors or felonies for which the other attorney will cover. If it is a felony, then your brother would need to appear as the defendant unless he has obtained a waiver of his appearance. But assuming that they are misdemeanor charges, the other attorney could appear on your brother's behalf under Penal Code 977 but it would also depend on what type of hearing is being held in the case. Your brother should also be able to let the court know...

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  3. I am going to be charged with stealing $120,000 from my previous employer over a few years. I have no criminal record.

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Jay Scott Finnecy
    2. Mark Lawrence Deniz
    3. Andrew Stephen Roberts
    4. Greg Thomas Hill
    5. Tracy Green
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    Hiring an attorney in San Diego to negotiate the civil and criminal side makes sense for you. There are strategies that can help the damage control. With a felony you would have to go back and paying restitution helps reduce the chance of jail or prison time. Every case is different and so are different jurisdictions and judges. Don't avoid it and do what you can for damage control. Good luck. You can get through this.

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  4. Is It Legal To Check Someone's Else Case Status At USCIS Website?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Tracy Green
    2. Scott Kelly Peterson
    3. Alan James Brinkmeier
    4. John Grayson Davidson
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    This may be better marked as immigration but since you have permission from the friends who gave you their case number, do not see how you could be charged with violating their privacy. It's good to be careful. Perhaps you can get their consent in writing.

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  5. If my criminal offense outcome was dismissed, Can I get the offense sealed or expunged? Or is it not necessary?

    Answered over 1 year ago.

    1. Christine C McCall
    2. Richard Franklin Taub
    3. Tracy Green
    4. Jordan S Cunningham
    5. Stephen Scott Pearcy
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    The California Nursing Board is very strict in requiring reporting of all types of deferred prosecutions which it sounds like this was but you need the records to answer this definitively. You need the docket to determine if you plead guilty with sentence deferred and then came back after completing theft class and paying the fine. Even if you get it sealed or expunged you may still have to report it since the reporting depends on the nature of the plea arrangement. Deferred judgments are often...

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  6. Is an insurance agent allowed to rebate a portion of the agent's commission to the agent's client?

    Answered 6 months ago.

    1. Tracy Green
    2. Michael Raymond Daymude
    3. Inna Fershteyn
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    In California, the laws vary depending upon the type of insurance. It is not allowed for healthcare insurance, title insurance, mortgage insurance, for example and other categories. There are commission splits with agents and there are some ways that rebates can be structured with clients but it is done in a manner to comply with existing laws. After Prop 103, rebates to clients became allowed in California under certain circumstances but many companies do not allow it. So agents must tread...

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  7. If false Medi-Cal Claims are written by a doctor before he actually sees the patient,

    Answered about 1 month ago.

    1. Tracy Green
    2. Nathan Mubasher
    3. Laura Michelle Woodruff
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    There is not enough information there to answer the question. It depends on what is written and whether services are rendered that are billed for. Facts are important to analyzing this type of issue. Consult an attorney if you want a more thorough analysis. Best of luck.

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  8. Will I be arrested at Airport with a Felony warrant?

    Answered 3 months ago.

    1. Chandler Adrian Parker
    2. Robert Lee Marshall
    3. Tracy Green
    4. Jay Scott Finnecy
    5. James Roy Dickinson
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    There is a strong chance it could happen. One of my clients had a warrant that she didn't know about and when she went through security, Homeland Security pulled her out of security and the detention was a nightmare. You could be detained here and then have to be extradited. I agree with the other attorney to get an attorney there to work on having the warrants recalled or bail arranged so you can travel. Good luck,

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  9. I was denied for a security guard card, now I am going to expunge my record, would I be denied again?

    Answered 5 months ago.

    1. Tracy Green
    2. Brian K Wanerman
    3. Jay Scott Finnecy
    4. James Roy Dickinson
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    The 2014 DUI will also be an issue given that you must be on probation for it now. If it were just a 10 year old expunged conviction, it could happen (a guard card does not mean right to carry a firearm since that requires a separate application.)The DRC decides each case based on all of the information presented to the DRC in that individual case The considerations might include: The nature and severity of the act(s) or crime(s), if any. Evidence of any act(s) committed subsequent to the...

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  10. Welfare fraud investigation.

    Answered 19 days ago.

    1. Tracy Green
    2. Athina Karamanlis Powers
    3. Suzanne Hall Mindlin
    4. Michael Adam Arbeit
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    It's smart that you want to have someone present for the interview. You also need to gather any applications you have ever submitted, your wage and bank statements, and write out a timeline of what benefits you applied for and received. You may have an idea of why they want to interview you but don't post that here. Preparing for the interview is important and a good lawyer can help you and your wife decide whether you can be interviewed or whether you need to exercise your 5th Amendment...

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