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Excellent and Thorough

Posted by: Michelle, a Chapter 13 client about 5 years ago.

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Kept me informed

I recommend Marcus Tiggs

I hired Marcus more than 3 years ago.

Marcus handled my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Marcus was put on my case late after I had already had one date with the Trustee. He came to court very informed about my case and with ideas on how to help. At the previous court date with the lawyer basically told the trustee he had no idea about my case so didnt know how to respond to his questions about the calculations on my case. I was quite frightened hearing the amount that the Trustee suggested that I could afford to pay monthly. Marcus found the discrepancy had a plan and was very organized. He got me the best outcome I possible could. I was quite worried and he not only made me feel secure he worked hard, was very competent and extremely bright and well versed in the law. I would recommend him to anyone.