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Anthony Edward Goldsmith

About Anthony Goldsmith

About me

Anthony Goldsmith practices disability rights, police misconduct and personal injury law in Los Angeles, California.  As a disability rights advocacy attorney, Anthony has achieved a number of successes in creating more accessible private and public facilities and altering policies effecting broad classes of people with disabilities. Among his litigation achievements, Anthony has litigated a number of impact cases against public entities and transit agencies and has altered the manner in which entire industries understand their duties under the ADA and other disability rights laws. 


In addition to his law practice, Anthony has, since 1997, acted as an expert and consultant in the disability access field. As a consultant, he has worked with both public and private clients to help them meet their obligations under the ADA and related laws. His consulting clients have included several of the largest corporations in the world, as well as governmental entities that include the Attorney Generals' offices for the states of California and Colorado, the University of California and the National Park Service.


Mr. Goldsmith remains active in the legislative process surrounding disabled rights law in California and was an active participant in the legislative process that resulted in the changes to California disabled law collectively known as "SB 1608" and “SB1186”. In the past, he has frequently given presentations to both attorneys and architects and has qualified to provide continuing education for architects under the auspices of the Architect's Institute of America.