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Houman Varzandeh’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rna

    Hired Attorney

    Very professional, honest and truthful, highly recommended

    It's my privilege to recommend Mr Varzandeh as an excellent immigration attorney. Highly experienced, extensive knowledge , reliable and very generous in his time to explain and accompany every step along the way. He is also very clear and fair for the fees.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Nazanin

    So professional

    I asked lots of people to find a very professional attorney, all my friends recommended Mr. Varzandeh.
    He and his group are so professional and they are expert in costumer service.
    he introduced me his group and explained to me all process of my status.
    he is so patient and can understand your situation very well.
    I got my result very fast and reasonable.
    I would recommend anyone to go through to his/her case by Mr. Varzandeh's Help.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ro

    best lawyer ever

    I asked lots of people to find a very proffesional attorney, all my friends recommended Mr.Varzandeh. After I met him I had a very good feeling towards his office, I was really impressed by his great attitude and his honesty and professionalism. Now that I got the best result today, I feel like tell everyone who are in great need of help for even the most tough and complicated cases , I cant recommend anyone better than him and his team. Thank you Mr. Varzandeh...

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by rom

    He was “born to be a lawyer.”

    I still can remember the very first day I met Mr. Varzandeh. I saw a professional, compassionate person who knows what he talks about; so I trusted him. He makes the best out of his clients and he raises their confidence level. He will let you know of your weaknesses as well as your strengths, then he will work with you and provide you a path to get rid of your weaknesses and also provoke your strengths. Houman prepared me for my interview incredibly thoroughly going over all potential questions and making me feel confident and very prepared. I really could not have asked for a better experience. He made the experience completely stress free while helped the entire procedures go smoothly! I am so impressed not only with his professionalism, but also with his art of communication as an outstanding attorney. His Immigration Law Firm in Los Angeles is truly the best with the most affordable price.Choosing the right attorney has to be one of the most important decisions in my life to date. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr. Varzandeh.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Thank you . . .

    Hooman Vazrzandeh is one of the professional people which I have known in Los Angles, he is polite, responsible and knowledgeable person.
    I’m glad for having worked with this office, with its professional team and responsible people. Many thanks for everything you did for me in the best way possible. I really appreciate it and would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for good lawyers.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Gerardo

    Mr Varzandeh and Ms Anderson Elite Immigration Lawyers

    This team is truly extraordinary!!!! My family and I are truly grateful for all their advice!! This team is very professional and knowledgeable and hands down the absolute best immigration lawyers in the country!! They are upfront and honest. They truly care and make you feel at ease. Mr Varzandeh gave me pros and cons. This was an extremely stressful situation and thanks to their expertise made this as seamless as possible.Thank you so much for all Your Help AND Support!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ben


    They are the best lawyer in town! I was really looking for a good lawyer and spoke with many, however the second I saw Mr. Varzandeh. He invited me to his room and sat in his chair to discuss my case...
    The moment he sat in his chair and started talking, I knew that I found my guy without even listening to what he had to say...

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by tanka001

    Honest, Effective Legal Representation

    Mr. Varzandeh got us to the important citizenship milestone after other attorneys failed. He is honest, been on the "other side" and thus are very knowledgeable in immigration law. He also gives legal advise in the client's best interest. In addition, legal fees is fair and he does not scare clients into overpaying.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rekha

    Honest, Reliable & Caring Attorney

    Words can't describe my gratitude towards this Law office. I am thankful and grateful for their hard work to re-establish my immigration status in this country. Let me start by saying that I was child bride, and domestic violence survivor with three children, full time graduate student, who has been living in this country as permanent resident for the past 20 years under a name and DOB that was provided to me by my agent. All these years I was questioned by various doctors to the validity of my date of birth since it did not match with my face. I was told by my previous attorney to never tell anyone the truth and assume this as my identity forever.
    However, 3 years ago, I received a letter from the INS stating that they are going to deport me for various charges such as fraud and others...I was devastated since I am the only person in my children's life. I contacted and visited prestigious law firms in LA and no one was willing to take my case. Most of the attorneys informed me that I had no hope.
    At this time, I came across on the Internet of the Varzandeh Anderson LLP law firm and made an appointment. I read the reviews posted by other clients and felt hopeful but was not sure if I would get any help given my infected case. I had no trust in any attorneys. I thought they all work for money and do not care if their client gets any justice.

    During my appt., Mr. Varzandeh urged me to speak the truth and asked me to tell him about my real age. I was shocked and surprised that he even asked. The first thing he told me was that "not to worry" and to leave them to worry about my case while I focus on my studies and kids. I didn't worry at all and felt confident in his expertise and advise.

    If Mr. Varandeh was my main point of contact, Ms. Anderson was the backbone of my case. As I stated above, I am a domestic violence survivor, it was hard for me to revisit my life and incident that caused me a great deal of pain. But Ms. Anderson very kindly and gently asked me about those incidents.

    Conclusion: With Mr. Varzandeh and Ms. Anderson’s professional help, I was able to re-establish my identity and now I can live here without any worry. I would have never seen this day without the assistance of this amazing team of honest, diligent and caring attorneys. I will be forever grateful and thankful for their professional help.

    So, if you’re looking for attorneys who can help you with your immigration needs, don’t waste your money and time elsewhere. I highly recommend this law firm without any reservationsJ

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    Houman Varzandeh is The Best .

    It was the best decision that I have ever made in my life to chose Mr Houman Varzandeh to proceed my file as lawyer and my representative.