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Jacob Sommer’s client reviews

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  • Poor performance

    1.0 star

    Posted by Dorothy

    Hired Attorney

    Mr. Sommer was court appointed as public defender in 2012 case. He immediately insisted that I agree to a plea arrangement which would have meant, at that point, pleading guilty to something I had not done. Over the next 6-7 weeks he failed to contact any of the people on my witness list as supplied to him...names and phone numbers. The DA's office continued to make plea arrangement offers with each offer dropping more of the charges. Mr. Sommer was provided with both photo and documentary information to proceed with a reasonable defense and failed to followup on any of it. I was forced into a plea arrangement of "no contest" to 5 counts will all other (29 counts) dropped when it became clear that there was to be no possibility of a fair trial. I was waiting to sign into do jail time when he came downstairs from the district court and saw me sitting in the jail lobby...he stopped and asked how I was doing. In the ensuing conversation he made the comment "You know you were set up and railroaded, right?" When I suggested that it was his job as a defense attorney to prevent that or show it had happened, his response was that he had done the best he could. When I later had life threatening health issues and a letter from doctors recommending suspension of the balance (80 hours) of community service he and the Justice of the Peace and the DA responded (according to him) that they could not do this BUT I could leave the state without finishing the community service time and the court would issue an "in state only" fugitive warrant....meaning I could not come back to NV (assuming I left) without risking being arrested for not completing the community service time. I declined this "offer" and completed the time against my doctors' recommendations. This attorney immediately withdrew from the case.

  • A stranger to his client

    1.0 star

    Posted by Ron

    This attorney was appointed to represent my son who is incarcerated in Nevada, on about 09-06-2012. He has promised to visit my son and go over strategy. Mr. Sommer has not visited or written and now does not answer his phone when my son calls. He does not respond to my voice mails when I leave a message or any e-mail I send him. The one filing that he made for my son was done wrong and at this writing he is under sanction and assets a $500.00 fine until he corrects his filing in 10 days. There are too many other things to add here that have crated issues. All I wish to do is talk to him and work out some issues, however if he won't respond to me or my son then other avenues on my part need to be taken. Thank you