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Eric R Blank

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  • My Lawyer does not want to handle my personal injury case anymore please help.

    I was in a major car accident last year, and now where all the way at the demand stage we have not even sent the demand out, and my personal injury lawyer called me to his office and no longer wants to handle my case, I am assuming cause he does n...

    Eric’s Answer

    Whether your attorney is seeking a lien on your case (seeking to be paid for the work he performed on your case) is definitely an issue you should raise and discuss with your attorney. A more experienced trial attorney should likely be handling your case and he or she will be responsible for sorting out the attorney fees due after a verdict or settlement is achieved.

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  • Car accident- other driver at fault - I was injured

    .I was injured in a car accident where the other driver came over the median and hit me while I was stopped at a 4-way intersection. I went to the hospital the next day and was told my back was sprained. The hospital referred me to a doctor to see...

    Eric’s Answer

    Sorry for your injuries. Your case sounds like one where you need a personal injury attorney to represent you as they issues you raise can all be addressed by competent counsel who can refer you for treatment and deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

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