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John M Eccles

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  • Legal Separations in Nevada

    Relationships deteriorate, but do not necessarily need to end in Divorce. For some people, it is a religious issue - their church will not sanction a Divorce. For others, there may be a reason to stay married but live separate and apart (maintaining medical insurance, for example).

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  • Modifying child support in Nevada

    Whenever a Nevada Court issues a Custody Order (or Decree of Divorce with custody provisions in it), the Court will also set child support. Due to circumstances beyond the control of the obligor, a recalculation of child support is sometimes necessary. The process to do that follows...

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  • How do I go about terminating my own parental rights?

    Sometimes a parent finds that trying to work with the custodial parent is impossible, and as a result, the non-custodial parent feels like they are paying child support and not getting any visitation in return, which can lead to the non-custodial parent wanting to terminate their parental rights

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  • Grandparent Visitation Rights in Nevada

    With the Decision rendered by the United States Supreme Court in Troxel v. Granville, the process to obtain visitation rights if you are not a parent of a child has become increasingly difficult. See what's required...

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  • Changing Custody in Nevada

    Once custody has been established in Nevada, there are different rules for changing custody, depending on what the present custodial arrangement is, and what the parents have actually been doing (as opposed to what the Court Order says)

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  • Peremptory Challenges in Clark County Family Court

    One option available to litigants in Family Court is the ability to remove the Judge assigned from the case without having to explain why you want the Judge removed. You can do this by filing a "Peremptory Challenge". However, this option is not without cost - it is $450.00 (paya...

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