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Robert C Graham

Las Vegas Probate Attorney.

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  1. When You Can Ask for a Distribution

    Written by attorney Robert Graham, 12 months ago.

    Beneficiaries of Trusts and Heirs of Estates are always anxious to be paid as soon as possible. Sadly, most don't recognize that the administrators or trustees have a lot of work to do and there are

  2. Trust Contests and Litigation: The First Step

    Written by attorney Robert Graham, 12 months ago.

    Litigation over a Trust can be complicated. This first step in litigation will make sure that all parties are answering to the judge. Meeting with the Attorney to Review Trust Documents Before taking

  3. Is My Mother Competent? That is a difficult question with many answers.

    Written by attorney Robert Graham, about 2 years ago.

    When a parent starts acting unusually, you first wonder if they are being forgetful or whether they are incompetent or becoming incompetent. First, let's address competency. That term in legal jargon means does the person have the ability to make their own decisions or take care...