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Marc John Randazza

Marc Randazza’s client reviews

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  • Marc is my Trademark and Free Speech Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike C.

    Hired Attorney

    When you hire Marc Randazza as your free speech lawyer, people listen. I have been threatened with multiple lawsuits. When they realize Marc was my lawyer, they understood any lawsuit against me would be vigorously defended.

    Marc Randazza has been my lawyer in a lengthy and complicated defamation lawsuit (which we won) and in my trademark application before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (application approved).

    Marc has also been my legal counsel in pre-litigation matters and has advised me about other lawsuit threats. Fortunately those matters were avoided.

    I understand his acumen better than most, I am also a lawyer. Thus you could ever consider Randazza to be a "lawyer's lawyer."

    I have referred clients to Marc would trust him with my life.

  • Marc John Randazza is a fierce and brilliant defender - highly recommended - saved my financial life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amy

    Hired Attorney

    Marc Randazza saved my financial life with his defense of me. I highly, highly recommend him.

    In short, he is an attack dog but never loses sight of what is the wise and prudent thing to do. He compiled an attack that, on multiple fronts, decimated every argument of the lawyer and client coming after me.

    My experience of him is that he is passionately committed to fairness and doing what’s right, and as I saw it, does not see losing a case as an option for himself. I know he must occasionally lose a case (because this can’t always be in control of the lawyer due to the client’s situation and the law), but the way he approaches them -- with this fierceness that losing is not an option -- made me feel secure from the start that I didn’t have to worry at all; I just needed to wait for him to finish what he needed to do. I feel confident in saying that whatever the best possible outcome is, Randazza will get it for a client.

    I also want to explain that while he is fierce, he is not just fierce. He is also methodical, meticulous, and highly incisive. In his defense of my case -- which he made go away rather than going to trial (phew!), I found him to be a brilliant writer (of the brief) and a leave-no-stones-unturned thinker and arguer. While I’m extremely grateful to him for all he did to defend me, I’m also extremely grateful I wasn’t the client on the other side of him. He, plain and simple, wiped the floor with every argument the other side’s lawyer made. And that’s no exaggeration. He brilliantly, brilliantly answered every argument the other lawyer made with a legally-supported argument (based in prior cases, state law, and constitutional law) that just made every argument the other side had just shrivel up -- to the point where the other side probably understood that they were lucky to just walk away and not walk away with a countersuit. (I did not want a countersuit; I just wanted the other side to go away; so I was very, very happy with this outcome.)

    I also want to say that though Randazza is a fierce and committed defender of free speech -- mine and all of ours -- he never lost sight of my best interests. He was careful in informing me of all my alternatives, including the possible benefits of settling, and emphasized that this was an option for me, and explained all the reasons that this approach might have merits for me.

    Another very important way that Randazza is fierce is that he’s fiercely ethical. It’s important to me to have a lawyer who, while exploiting every angle, never stops coming from moral high ground. I don’t really understand people who sneer at their lawyers for being sleazy. It’s up to a client to choose a lawyer who, in their initial conversations, reflects that they are both extremely intelligent/clever (and will figure out the puzzle of how to get you out of trouble) and comes from moral high ground. This matters to judges and it matters in terms of public opinion, if there is any public reflection on your case, which their was on mine. I found, at every turn, that Randazza drew on his mind and case law rather than ever doing anything underhanded.

    And finally, I think you can understand a lot about a lawyer through his associates. The people who work for Marc Randazza are like mini-Randazzas in many ways, but the important part to me was that they seem to truly love and respect the guy. Love and respect. They love him because he’s decent to the core -- a man of principle -- and they respect him because of all I wrote above.

    I highly, highly recommend Marc Randazza as a lawyer and a human being -- although I strongly suggest that you avoid being on the other side of him, because he’ll eat you and your lawyer for breakfast and eat whatever’s left for a mid-day snack. Great man, great lawyer; I was extremely lucky and will forever be grateful to him for his defense of me.

  • Exceptional Attorney For Our Ethics Company

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stewart

    Hired Attorney

    As the owner of, Marc Randazza is the only attorney we have hired and the only attorney we would hire.

    We provide trust seals and ethics audits of companies doing business online for the purpose of enabling honest business owners and ethical consumers to find each other more easily. Mr. Randazza has assisted us with protecting all of our intellectual property (including our official seal), quantifying our ethical standards and best practices, and many other more ordinary matters that have required his legal expertise.

    At every turn Randazza has proven to be accessible and useful. We do not get passed over to assistants or associates, and he responds promptly to every request. As you might expect, his fees aren't the lowest we have seen, but I'm a firm believer that the best quality representation is a very worthwhile part of our budget.

    I highly recommend you speak with him and hire him. He will do right by you.

    - Stewart

  • Would not recommend this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Randazza was employed by my company as General Counsel for approximately 3 years as our General Counsel.

    We recently concluded litigation against this attorney (a 2.5 year binding arbitration), and the judge's ruling determined Mr. Randazza had committed (in the judge's words) "clear and serious breaches of fiduciary duty".

    Our experience - and the judge's ruling - was that Randazza engaged in a host of actions prohibited by the professional rules of conduct, including negotiations for monetary payment to him directly from opposing parties in litigation. He'd also taken on numerous clients whose interests were adverse to ours (conflicts of interest) without disclosing them to us, and without informed written consent.

    Specifically, Mr. Randazza was tasked with protecting our copyrights. During a suit with a party who had been violating our copyrights, it was discovered that Mr. Randazza pursued a $75,000 bribe from the opposing party in exchange for conflicting himself out of future representation against them. Subsequent discovery revealed this was a pattern Mr. Randazza had engaged in.

    Mr. Randazza's actions following one specific settlement with an opposing party in copyright litigation resulted in that opposing party filing suit over Mr. Randazza's violations of the settlement agreement. This led to our having to settle with this opposing party, at considerable expense.

    In another instance, Mr. Randazza actually took on as a client another website/company who repeatedly violating our copyrights without disclosing this to us. This rendered us entirely unable to pursue this company for their repeated violations of our copyrights, because Mr. Randazza clandestinely represented them.

    Mr. Randazza's willingness to engage in conflicts like the above caused us considerable harm, as the attorney we'd hired to pursue protection of our intellectual property rights was either unwilling or enable to do precisely that, instead - as the arbitrator ruled - unjustly enriching themselves at our expense.

    Further complications arose as a result of Mr. Randazza’s actions. Mr. Randazza wiped his company laptop of all our client files and data, did not release to us close to $600,000 in client files being held in his trust account, and refused for a considerable amount of time to hand over our client legal files following his resignation.

    I would not recommend this attorney at all.

  • Best lawyer I've ever hired!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    As an individual, I was on the receiving end of a UDRP (Domain Name Dispute) Complaint with a tight deadline, which to me was foreign, unnerving and worrisome. While seeking qualified and seasoned attorneys to defend my UDRP dispute case, I found and contacted attorney Marc Randazza. In the email, I included information about my situation for review, and unlike most, he immediately responded to my inquiry after carefully reviewing my case, with confidence. While he suggested that we opt for a three-memeber panel by presenting its benefits, he respected my decision in opting for a single-member panel, while being diligent and working even harder to cover all basis, in securing my defense.

    Throughout the two-month long process, he was responsive and had my best interests at heart -- his focus and priority was to win the case without any compromises, and was not about collecting fees. Given my experience with him, unlike many lawyers, he's down-to-earth, not overbearing at all, funny, thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable, savvy, responsive, attentive to details, and conforms to tight deadlines under pressure. He always asked the right questions to gather the right information, and did diligent and amazing job with his research! As for his brief writings, to me they were simply impressive! From the start, he showed that he cared. I'm so grateful and appreciative of his and his associate's efforts and desire and dedication to secure and defend my case. I'm so proud and thankful to have such a lawyer on my side!

    If you ever find yourself served with a UDRP complaint, don't panic, and immediately seek out the advice of attorney Marc Randazza!

  • Marc Randazza is a true expert and a lawyer that gets the job done right

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    Marc Randazza is an excellent lawyer. He addressed my case directly, was extremely successful, and accomplished it all in the right ethical way. He was very easy to work with, was immensely effective, and yet affordable.
    Marc Randazza is everything legal counsel should be. He not only pleased me as a client, he has inspired me.

  • Want it done right the first time?

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Simon

    When it comes down to making the decision of who is the right lawyer for the job, some get confused. If you fall into that group, please let me reset you. Marc and his firm are like hiring The A-Team (yes 80’s TV reference). To be blunt, he knows his sh-t and when tossed at the other side and based on proven results, Marc nails his target and gets the job done. You want him representing YOU and definitely not the other side.

  • Sued for Defamation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Libel client

    You don't have to read too many reviews before you can feel safe about hiring this least I didn't have to. His internet presence is immense and that is quite reassuring as it is. I was sued for defamation (despite doing nothing wrong besides exercising my right to free speech) and it was quite a horrible feeling. I had never been sued before and did not know what to expect. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I did my research and eventually hired Marc Randazza's firm. Granted, his prices are up there but I must say it was well worth the money to have this reassurance keep you sane during a lawsuit. In fact, retrospectively, I would probably have been much more worried with a "cheaper" attorney rather than be happy that I saved money. Also, Marc really does his best to help you with finances, which shows he actually does care. In this crazy world, that is damn hard to find.

    As others have already mentioned, Marc, Jay and Beth were very responsive. I don't think I ever waited more than 24 hrs before receiving a response back via telephone, email, text, etc. When all you're thinking about is your case, this responsiveness is paramount as it helps reduce your anxiety...another great reason to choose this firm.

    When I finally met Marc in person, I felt like he was one of my close friends. My closest friends aren't the superficially friendly kinds of people that are friends with everyone and constantly smiling...they are genuinely good like Marc. It was too bad I was stressed about my case rather than being able to have fun.

    Bottom line is, if you are involved in some sort of litigation that revolves around defamation, the internet, free speech, etc, the choice is so easy. Trust me, I've done my research prior to hiring this firm, and now that my case is complete, I have even more confidence that this firm is a great choice that you will not go wrong with.

  • A lawyer's lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I've long admired Marc's written work and litigation strategies. Marc’s work is significant and his public outreach is admirable.

    But it's easy to be a reader of someone's blog posts and articles. Reading someone's work only costs us a few seconds of our time. The Internet is free.

    I've often told Marc how significant and meaningful his work is. Compliments are a cheap currency. They are mere words.

    The best compliment a man can pay another man is to hire him. When I was sued for defamation, there was only one person I wanted representing me – Marc Randazza.

    Clients often complain that lawyers refuse to return calls. Marc's responses to my emails are scary-fast, making me wonder if he ever takes a day off.

    I’ve never felt that Marc, unlike so many other lawyers, was paying lip service to my needs. Marc has never pressured me to take a litigation position that I wasn’t comfortable with. He has updated me on case developments and given me the pros and cons of every position. He has given me my options without insisting that I do what he suggested.

    Being sued is never pleasant.

    However, with Marc as my lawyer, I feel that I am in the best place a client can be.

    I’m proud to call him my lawyer.

  • If you have to be sued for defamation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    I'm a lawyer and a client. I was sued for defamation although I did not defame. I'd never met Marc Randazza, but I knew of him. When I determined to hire him to defend me, I was reasonably confident I'd made the right choice. Watching him in action makes it clear that I had. I've represented lawyers on occasion. Lawyers make terrible clients because we know better - or think we do. In fact, Marc knows better. Yet he treats his lawyer-clients with respect and dignity, keeps us informed, and does terrific work. I couldn't be happier (well, I suppose I'd be happier if I hadn't been sued in the first place) and couldn't recommend Marc more highly.