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Kyle Allen Stucki

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  • I was in a major car accident , my car is totaled, have injuries. Not my fault. Other insurance wont pay anything.

    A friend was driving my car with me and my two children back from hospital . A lady driving a company car hit us, spun 2 times and hit concrete wall. This happened in vegas, the company that the car was involved in said their employee is not on th...

    Kyle’s Answer

    Insurance companies will find any and all reasons to tell you why they shouldn't pay fairly on claims. There goal is to save money, don't be fooled by it.

    That said, an experienced personal injury attorney will always add value to any claim. In situations like this where the insurance company for the other driver is trying to dodge liability completely, an attorney will be necessary to protect your rights and fight for what you deserve. My office only handles personal injury cases, the majority being vehicle collisions. We're here to help.

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  • What is the best way for a chiropractor with mutiple office to market them self to attorneys.

    I am trying to figure out what make a lawyer want to work with me, i have noticed some of the worst doctors have the most attorney referrals........

    Kyle’s Answer

    Give me a call tomorrow and let's grab lunch sometime this week.

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  • Personal Injury-Diversity of Jurisdication clarification, can the case stay in state court

    My dad was injured at a store in Henderson, NV. His primary residence is in Atlanta, Ga and the corporation of the store is in Illinois. The injuries are $90,000 can the case jurisdication stay in district court or does the case have to be transfe...

    Kyle’s Answer

    Mr. Myers' answer seems to respond most directly to your question. In my experience, Federal Court here in Nevada can be really great for a quick resolution of a case. It's certainly more intimidating, but it makes for organized and efficient discovery and the Federal Court Judges constantly push for a fair settlement to avoid actual trial.

    I would love to talk to you about this case if you have a moment.

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  • Can I sue Dodge for malfunctioned airbags? Is there a time limit?

    During my family's move across country, we were in a roll over crash where my 3 children were ejected from the vehicle. The airbags did not deploy. This was 7 months ago. Is it too late? Is it worth pursuing?

    Kyle’s Answer

    You need to be concerned with what is called the Statute of Limitations, which puts a time limit on accidents such as this. Every state has its own Statute of Limitations, so it may depend on what state you were in when the car accident happened. However, I don't know of any state that has a Limit if less than one year.

    Depending on the facts of this accident, there could be liability on the other driver as well as Dodge, or any other company that could be blame for the rollover. A Personal Injury attorney experienced in Product Liability cases would be extremely valuable to you. There are major concerns with damages, proving liability and cost of pursuing this case that an experienced attorney can talk you through.

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