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Andrew L. Rempfer

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Bad experience

    I had a bad experience with this firm ...I was originally steered to this firm by one of the sites that said they do 30-40 percent of cases on a contigent fee and they do free consultations..After setting up a consultation i was informed that the information was from an old site and they do not do contigent or free consultations at all...But the staff seemed friendly so I proceeded forward with them.. .When I sent them a retainer payment to cover their services they claimed they never received it..Although my U.S.P.S. tracking number showed it was delivered they claimed they never received it and everything was put on hold until I could make payment... I repeatedly informed them that I had confirmation of delivery and they called 7 days later to say that they "found it" as it got lost in the paperwork at the office. . As we proceeded forward I was told that their firm does not charge for emails or phone calls which turned out to not be true at all....90 percent of the communication by this office was thru emails as every time I would call with an important question or matter concerniing my case i was sent to voice mail and I would receive an email two days later with a response ....After their services were finished I still had a balance coming to me from pre-payment..I called the office for 3 weeks trying to get my balance refunded to me..They gave me 3 different amounts every few days and the number kept getting smaller and smaller as they were deducting small amounts on stuff that should never have a charge attached to it..I was indeed charged for some emails and phone calls which was in complete contrast of our inital consultation..Also they charged for some very very little things which basically STOLE a few hundred from my monies...After they were finally done with what the final amount was i was told the person who does the refund checks was out of the office for a week..I waited a week and called that person who informed me that was not her department and gave me someone elses number who didnt return my calls for another week but did call to tell me that another person all together was handling long story short I waited 9 weeks to get the check sent to me..The people at this firm are decent people on a personal level but the last I checked we are in a tough economy and some clients cannot afford to be bounced around the sytem or get money deducted from their balance uneccesarily ..I am not a person who likes to complain about things but if this would save one person from making the same mistake i did then i feel ok about it..Maybe this firm is good with bigger clients who have the bankroll but for the "little guy" who is looking for a firm with a human side to it that will fight for u in a fair manner forget about it..

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Excellent and I may need him again

    My 1st employee (plaintiff) took me to the cleaners for $25K and I switched to Andy and learned that I had been taken.

    Excellent person, can stand up to the big firms... My employers lawyer is not listed on this list.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    Andy won Temporary Economic Reinstatement (full pay & benefits) from MSHA for me for the duration of my case.

    Andy is one of three lawyers in the entire country that has experience working with MSHA, the Mine Act and Miner's Rights, who will actually represent miners and take on these enormous, global, multi-billion dollar mining companies. I talked to three lawyers prior to talking to Andy - with two charging $100 or more for a half hour "consultation" that amounted to little more than advice to give up, find another job or plead for forgiveness from my current employer.

    Andy's half hour consult was free and he actually listened to me as I described my case. His offered good, practical advice and realistic expectations so I hired him in February 2010. On April 4th I was awarded Temporary Economic Reinstatement by an Administrative Law Judge with the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission and I now receive full pay and benefits from the mining company I worked for while my case makes its way through the judicial process.

    At the time we were on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure, so this rarely awarded protection from the Mine Act was a godsend for us. Especially after six months of unemployment and not a single call back from the dozens of resumes and applications I submitted in this little mining town.

    In Nevada, only 17.5% of the 120 requests for Temporary Reinstatement have been granted by MSHA and the FMSHRC - and those 120 requests have been made over more then a decade according to the DOL!

    To be perfectly honest, searching for a decent attorney was a tremendous pain in the ass - especially while I was trying to keep my job at a mine that was hell bent on firing me! That said, my only regret looking back on this whole ordeal is that I didn't look for an attorney while I was still employed. If I had I could have spared my family a very grim six months that fell right at the beginning of the holiday season.

    If you're a miner in Nevada and you even think you need an attorney you need to give Andy a call right away.

    Hope this helps.

    PS. I left this comment anonymously because I'm still trying to find work in this little mining town but Andy's got my contact information if you ever need to get in touch.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by SD

    Pure gift of truth

    When i met him i was going on a recommendation from another attorney who felt if i had a chance to win you have to hire the best and he is and was the best for the job.
    he made me feel very comfortable with all his close contact.
    The total experience so far has been very honest and truthful.