Thomas Gearing makes deals with other attorneys. He was involved in the Estate of Alexis Mercooloff Embezzlement of over 102 Million Dollars. The opposing party put a phony restraining order on me and he did not even tell me about the hearing.

In the Estate of Mercooloff my grandfather's neice named Erishka Harrington claimed that she had gone with my grandfather to Union Bank of Switzerland so that she could be added on to his account as a joint tenant. She claimed that the bank ran out of joint account forms so they offered her a Power of Attorney that survived death instead.

The real truth is that my grandfather called up his account advisor at Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich and had him send the Power of Attorney to him, then when he received he went with his neice to UBS San Francisco to have the document signed, signatures verified and witnessed.

Union Bank of Switzerland in San Francisco doesn't have Power of Attorney forms for account holders in Switzerland. It was a scam to embezzle the Estate from the grandchildren and Thomas Gearing was a part of it. Now all the sudden he has Millions of Dollars that he didn't work for.

There were 6 attorneys that were involved with over $500,000 spent on attorney fees and not one of them bothered to go to the Bank ask them if they gave those kinds of Power of Attorneys that survive death.

He was supposed to be my father's friend, but his only loyalty is to money.