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Michael Leo Potter

Michael Potter’s Legal Guides

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  • Asset Protection with Restricted LLCs & Ltd Partnerships

    Nevada has a unique form of Asset Protection available through the use of Restricted LLCs and Restricted Limited Partnerships. It prevents adversaries from obtaining access to distributions. The restriction is set by default (through Statutory protection) for a 10 year period unl...

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  • How to Select a Trustee

    Selecting a primary and back-up trustee can be one of the most important decisions you can make in forming any kind of trust. The role of trustee is not always easy and requires a person who has integrity and personal honor. It is usually not wise to select your parents as a trus...

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  • 7 Keys to Asset Protection

    Several components go into achieving true Asset Protection. Among these are timing, the right combination of entities, acting while your legal seas are calm, and avoiding a last-minute effort before litigation. This video lays out seven key factors - each of which,standing alone,...

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  • Real Estate Privacy Trust

    The Real Estate Privacy Trust is sometimes referred to genericaly as the 'Land Trust'. It allows you to better enhance and preserve your privacy as to the ownership of real estate. Used in conjunction with an LLC, the trust provides for someone (perhaps a married sister with a di...

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  • Part 2 - Common Estate Planning Mistakes

    The use of the right kinds of Estate Planning strategies combined with the choice of a Trustee with personal honor and integrity are key components. Also having a Successor Trustee to step in if something happens to your first choice can make a big difference.

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  • Part One - Common Estate Planning Mistakes

    Most people think they don't need an Estate Plan unless they're wealthy. That's a myth. Without an effective Estate Plan the assets you've accumulated may end up going to the very people you Don't Want to receive them. Also business owners often fail to plan properly for the owne...

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  • Asset Protection Trusts

    Asset Protection Trusts - 3 Tiers

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