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  • I contested an eviction however i would now just like to move out. Am i able to do so?

    I contested on 10/23

    Richard’s Answer

    Nothing is stopping you from moving out--but this won't be a defense to the past due rent.

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  • My summons has two identical charges-both violations found in '1c' section. Wouldn't this be ONE charge not two?

    Charge NRS 574.100.1c reads: Fail to provide Vet care for injured animal AND deprive of substances/food. Since these are both listed in the same '1c' section, wouldn't it be one charge? If one was '1c' and the OTHER violation under '1b' section th...

    Richard’s Answer

    It could be two charges. In some cases, you can only get a single conviction and/or; in others, you could be convicted and sentenced for both.

    Hire an attorney.

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  • The charge is: CCC 10.08.130.a - NOC 56763 (POSSESSION OF INTACT ANIMAL). Found the CCC but what does NOC 56763 stand for?

    There are other charges and all have an NOC with a number behind it. NEED to see what this NOC is as what we found by researching the CCC could be my entire defense if this NOC 56763 is the same law and is worded the same as the CCC 10.08.130.a. T...

    Richard’s Answer

    You should arrange a consultation with a criminal attorney.

    Trying to interpret such sections yourself is asking for trouble.

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  • What is the cost to fight a public urination ticket?

    I was cited in Tempe az and the officer cited the charge as "petty offense". They did not witness anything, they claimed they saw a puddle and me zipping up my pants to which I replied that's water, check for yourself, but they didn't. My court da...

    Richard’s Answer

    You need to contact an attorney in the Tempe aria.

    The last thing you want is something that could be considered a sex offense ; it makes difference other than in politics.

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  • Can I sue a car dealership for using my information to finance through them when I already had my own and gave them an e-check.

    They stated it was state law I fill out a "credit application" to verify my identity and that it wasn't to gain financing but now I have a loan with a company I didn't want. Don't know what the dealer did with the e-check I gave them. I even had ...

    Richard’s Answer

    They can't possibly have "opened a loan" without either your signature or forging your signature.

    If you accepted the loan, you accepted the loan.

    You should pay to have your papers reviewed.

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  • If the case was brought by defendant from lower court to federal? Who pays for the deposition and other costs? Clrk says defndt?

    In a civil lawsuit which was originally filed in state district court, brought into federal district court by defendants. Who pays for the subsequent expenses on the plaintiff's side and also for depositions, etc? Court clerk says since the defend...

    Richard’s Answer

    You need an attorney, yesterday.

    Neither side will get stuck automatically for all expenses. And even if the other side takes a deposition and pays, you might, for example, have costs for a transcript.

    Did I mention that you need an attorney yesterday?

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  • Do I have a warrant if I got a ticket for driving without a license but never went to court and the ticket is in collections?

    I want to get a better job and im curious how this affects my background check, also what steps do I take to clear that?

    Richard’s Answer

    Also, we're assuming that the ticket is here.

    That may also be handled as a regular criminal matter, rather than a traffic offense.

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  • In Las Vegas, can I be ticked twice for the same thing. I filed a smog exemption in California as I was in Florida.

    However, I have not received my tags so it comes up incomplete. I visit family in Vegas and already have a ticket there and got another for the same thing? Is this right?

    Richard’s Answer

    If it's the same jurisdiction and a reasonable amount of time, the traffic commissioner might drop it.

    If they are weeks or months apart, or in different states, it's another story.

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  • I purchased a used car on friday. at the same time i purchased an extended warranty. the deal also covers a set of new tires.

    the dealer is now saying that the loan company will not allow me to roll the cost of the warranty into the loan. they want me to downgrade to less coverage, or pay the difference. i have a signed agreement. if i refuse to sign for the downgrade or...

    Richard’s Answer

    The actual contract needs to be reviewed by a lawyer. Understand that this not free consultation territory,, as what you are seeking is not information about legal services, but the actual services themselves.

    They are bound by the contract whether they like it or not. Often, there are escape valves making it contingent on financing. Last time I bought a new car, however, I told them that I was walking when they tried to get me to sign that portion, and they backed down.

    It all depends on the actual contract.

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  • Who is responsible for the cost of the water from a major water leak, the tenant or the property owner?

    My 87 y/o mom and sister rent in Sun City. A pipe deep in the front yard had a major break. No one knew till the front yard started to have free standing water. The owner had to have the front yard dug up to fix the break. Now the water bill w...

    Richard’s Answer

    The water company probably has no way to know between bills. I believe they currently read by driving through the neighborhood to pick up numbers from the transponders.

    There is certainly an argument that the landlord didn't provide the contracted premises, but you're going to need the actual lease reviewed--and that isn't something that would be done in a free consultation.

    It may be the responsibility of one or the other, or it may depend on negligence.

    The income of the tenants, however, is unlikely to factor into the legal conclusion.

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