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Dorothy G Bunce

About Dorothy Bunce

About me

     Anyone of us can face tough times, and if you need legal help, you may want to find someone who can relate to your problems and won't judge you.

     I understand what it is like to have financial problems, since my husband is disabled and hasn't been able to work for the past 10 years.

     I am the mother to 4 wild & crazy Papillon dogs, Oreo, the Daddy, & his 2 puppies, Alfie (the Alpha Male) and Brownie, the hoodlum, who has to wear a hoodie because she lost her fur coat to thyroid disease.  Unfotunately, Gigi, the Mommy, died this past summer from a disease that destroyed her platelets.  We recently took Cody into our home from a local breeder, and as the baby, he has allowed Alfie to form his own pack.

     I moved to Las Vegas from Reno in 1993 and have been in private practice handing consumer debt problems with A Fresh Start since 1999.  I handled my first Bankruptcy case in Reno back in 1979.

     In 2007, I realized that I was digging my own grave with a fork, leaving me with diabetes, hypertension & high cholesterol.  So I had weight loss surgery & have lost more than 100 lbs.  I now work out at the gym every chance I get (so if I don't answer the phone, I may be down the block at the Athletic Club 8 blocks away from the office). 

     But I do return all my phone messages & seldom stay at the gym for more than 30 minutes.  So if you get my voice mail or if my assistant tells you I am out of the office, please leave me your phone number.

     And for my existing clients - please leave me your phone number!  Although I have your number at the office, if I am over at the courthouse & get a message from you, I will not be able to return your call unless you give me the number!

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