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Michael Lee Becker

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Las Vegas Nevada criminal & DUI defense lawyer Michael Becker has been helping clients fight--and beat--their criminal and DUI charges for nearly two decades.


Attorney Michael Becker has taken more than 50 criminal cases to trial, securing dozens of "not guilty" verdicts and hung juries. He has achieved acquittals in numerous serious felony cases, including murder, child abuse, rape, drugs and prostitution.


As a Las Vegas DUI lawyer, Mr. Becker has helped countless clients get charges dismissed, reduced to reckless driving, and avoid drivers license suspensions. Attorney Michael Becker is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to administer field sobriety tests in connection with roadside DUI investigations.


As a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Becker has developed particular expertise in Nevada prostitution law, Nevada battery domestic violence laws and Las Vegas DUI law.


Some of Mr. Becker's recent victories at trial include winning a "not guilty" verdict in a Nevada kidnapping case, a "not guilty" verdict in a Nevada battery with a deadly weapon case, and a "not guilty" verdict in a sexual misconduct with a prisoner case.  He also got a mistrial declared in a Nevada sexual assault case.  Read more about Mr. Becker's recent legal victories.    


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