Peter Lunt Ashman

Peter Lunt Ashman

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Our family homestead, in Scipio Utah.  My grandpa built this house with his own hands.
Carlos Santana and I at the American Immigration Council's Immigrant Achievement Awards in 2009.

About Me 

     America is blessed and unique in all the world because it was built by immigrants.  Each immigrant brought a passion for building a better life using the talents and tools from their home country.  As each built a better life, they also built a better nation. 

     Today, immigration is under fire.  Misinformation, fear and even racial bias has led many to call for expulsion of illegal immigrants, and ending our heritage as a nation of immigrants.  There are better to ways to deal with the current problems than mass deportation.

     My goal is to help people immigrate legally and to advocate for those who need help.