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  • Too many issues to bother.

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    Posted by Barry

    I hired R. Lance Miller to handle a custody matter for me in TN as I reside approx. 1000 miles away in Texas. I would not recommend this lawyer for a multitude of reasons starting with he was extremely poor at responding to email or phone messages. Certain questions such as what would happen if the other party were to file an appeal were completely ignored in 3 separate emails and then finally responded to with a blanket statement that we would just have to handle that at that time. Now I'm no lawyer (hence having to hire one) but I'm pretty sure the point of hiring a lawyer is to have your legal questions answered. Which rarely happened with this guy past the initial phone consultation.
    During the 1st hearing that I was present for Mr. Miller bounced between courtrooms for the entire preceding. For the 2nd hearing, Mr. Miller informed me to just let him handle matters and not to make arrangements to be there. After which I then lost custody back to my ex-wife who then had to send me a copy of the new order as noone in Mr. Millers office knew anything about. Although a copy went to both his office and my ex-wifes attorneys office according to the signed court order. When I learned of the new order and called Mr. Miller's office to find out what was going on I was informed by his legal assistant that he had personal issues to attend to and was too busy to return any of my calls. His legal assistant could give me no other explanation than that the other attorney must have pulled some shady deal and that was all I was ever told concerning the matter.
    I would like to note that throughout the course of my case, when I did have the opportunity to speak to Mr. Miller he confused me and my case with that of someone else and also that it seems he does not speak TO you but OVER you when discussing your case with you. Which is pretty annoying in itself.
    I understand everyone has a bad day every now and again however when charging customers $200/hr after a retainer I believe there is an obligation to handle things in a timely and considerate manner especially in the case of custody matters concerning children and their well-being.
    Furthermore I believe that I wasted $1000's of dollars hiring this lawyer and wish that I would have been able to find a more competent lawyer to handle my case by searching out ratings/reviews of lawyers in that area. Don't make the same mistake as I would be my advice .