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Stephen D Aarons

Stephen Aarons’s Legal Guides

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  • New Mexico Juvenile Court

    Juvenile law applies to young children and teenagers--defined as less than eighteen years old in New Mexico. Minors accused of breaking the law are processed in the children's court division. In Santa Fe one judge handles most of these cases but in smaller jurisdictions the same ...

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  • Drug Offenses in Federal Court

    If a loved one has been charged with a drug offense in federal court, what can you expect?

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  • Domestic Violence Cases in New Mexico

    Arraignment (First Appearance in Court) and Bonding Out The person arrested will probably see a Magistrate or Metro Judge during the next business day. In larger cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe

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  • "They Never Read Me My Rights"

    Criminal defense lawyers often hear this complaint. The client means "Miranda Rights" to remain silent and that whatever you say can be used in court, etc. Before a person is placed under arrest the officer does not have to give the warning. Some routine questions such as identif...

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  • Hiring a New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Where to Find Possible Lawyers Word of mouth is a good way to find a lawyer. Online services like Avvo, Martindale Hubbell and can give you more information. Google "criminal defense lawy

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  • New Mexico DUI DWI Penalties and Consequences

    A Guied to what you can expect if convicted of DUI DWI in New Mexico

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  • Polygraphs in New Mexico

    What if I fail my polygraph Don't take a police polygraph - those are generally not admissible and rigged to put pressure on an accused person to confess to a crime. If you hire a defense lawyer, you

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  • How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

    24/7 Bondsmen The fastest way to get someone out of jail is to hire a bondsman. Typically they will charge ten percent of the bond as their fee but they may consider a payment plan. They are availabl

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