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Rebecca Kitson

Rebecca Kitson’s client reviews

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  • A wonderful, honest lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Havah

    Hired Attorney

    When we came to Rebecca, we had hired two attorneys previously who had taken our money and ran... We were weary of attorneys, dubious, and frustrated. But during the consultation that followed, I found that I was impressed because of how warm she is, and how honest and upfront her answers are. She doesn't beat around the bush with the pricing, and she followed through on all her promises she made to us. My husband got his permanent resident card, and when he was arrested by homeland security she blew up their telephone line. When we had to go to ICE for paperwork issues, and we asked that a lawyer go with us, they made time to go with my husband. When I called her office, their receptionist was not only helpful, she was fast, and would get me answers. If I emailed her paralegal, she would email me back sometimes within 15 minutes!!! Every single person I dealt with in her firm was efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly. Because of her, I felt safe in the process we went through, even though we had a lot of instances were it would have been justified to completely freak out and be overwhelmed. I trust her 100% and I want to make sure you understand that from my experience I would not only vouch for her but want to tell you she is honest and a good person and it shows in her work. You wouldn't go wrong to hire her.

  • Professional, honesty and great service!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Consulted Attorney

    We had a lengthy consultation via Skype with Kendra from Rebecca Kitson Law. Kendra came well prepared prior to our meeting and was very thorough in explaining different options, whereas one of the law firms we talked to, used a lot of "depends" as their answers to our questions. One of the strong points we liked with Kendra, also, was that she gave us a clear breakdown price of each option, so we knew what to expect, financially, without any surprise. Not only we were impressed by Kendra with our free consultation, she sent a follow up email, immediately, after the meeting to clarify one of the issues discussed. Although, we have not yet started our repatriation process, should we decide to move back with one of the given options, we would surely hire Rebecca Kitson Law to help and represent us with our transition. The confidence we feel with Kendra/Rebecca Kitson Law is far beyond our experiences with three other law firms we contacted in Albuquerque!

  • Amendment of Green Card Status

    5.0 stars

    Posted by J & L

    I have spoken to Rebecca Kitson and her advice has help us through an initial situation that has a very tight deadline. She is very knowledgeable about immigration process and provide very clear explanation.. It is comforting to know an immigration lawyer like her that we can go to as our case progresses.

  • GREAT!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Saltie

    I had an amazing experience with a lawyer!!!!! IMAGINE THAT! Rebecca handled my adjustment of status in 2011. Both her and her staff made a scary process VERY, VERY easy and worry-free. You would be crazy not to contact her for your family-sponsored immigration needs.

  • Five star experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Rebecca Kitson oversaw multiple parts of my greencard application and subsequent further processes. I have had an going professional relationship with Rebecca for over five years, and if ever I decide to pursue citizenship (currently a Permanent Resident) I will be undoubtedly returning to Rebecca for help.

    Rebecca's most outstanding features are her dedication and support of clientele. Not only does she have an experienced and thoroughly broad understanding of Federal and State immigration law (NM); but combines her talent with a truly empathetic appreciation for the difficult circumstances persons immigrating face.

    Rebecca oversaw my cases, including two immigration petitions for residency and removal of conditons for the first green card I received.

    During the conditions removal, I was also towards the end of a very acrimonius divorce. My former spouse falsely claimed that my residency application from the United Kingdom was riddled with misinformation. Throughout this, while maintainng her usual professionalism and good nature, Rebecca provided help and support that proved invaluable to building an accurate defence to the slanderous statements cast over me.

    Even though the two cases were distinct, Rebecca always assisted and advised me at no cost through a very dificult period.

    I am now the very proud holder of permanent residency in the States. I have the comfort and security of knowing I am shielded from further outside intereference to my legal status. I attribute much of my chance to build a wonder life in NM to the best immigration lawyer I could have wished for.

    As a side note, I found Rebecca's support staff to be equally qualified and holding the same client focused values Rebecca displays so well.

    If ever a more detailed reference is necessary, I would be happy for Rebeca to conact me on your behalf.

  • Green card immigrant

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    I have hired Rebecca to represent my case to the immigration offices. She seemed knowledgeable about the process and was able to guide us from the start about what was required. Rebecca also seemed to have a wide network among the immigration officers which gave me comfort that my case was in good hands. I highly recommend Rebecca for immigration cases.