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Theodore A Agnick

Theodore Agnick’s client reviews

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  • My DUI case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    I heard of Teds law office through a friend and I was in need of help. After talking to Ted and his staff I felt confident that they could help. It seemed like it would never end, month after month it seemed to drag on but through it all I was kept informed every step of the way. I am very pleased with not only the result of my case but the attention I was given by his staff. Thank you

  • Stellar Determination!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Vivian

    Mr. Agnick is someone I had found when searching for a friend of my daughters, who needed some legal help. Ted not only took her case, allowing payment plans, he was able to get all charges were dismissed.

    I then referred a friend of mine with a ‘different’ sort of legal issue – Ted Agnick, got the case dismissed.

    I never thought I would need his services! But, one Sunday afternoon, I was in big trouble! Mr. Agnick took my case. The charges against me were really bad… I was being charged with 3 felonies with one being aggravated.

    For a 45 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis, a 22 year government Program Administrator, wife and mother of three beautiful daughters, and have barely had a speeding ticket, I couldn’t fathom what I was going to do.

    Ted ensured I was calm, by explaining the entire court process. My initial plea bargain was an Open 6 aggravated, with supervised probation and I could “work” my way down to a misdemeanor, eventually. Being sick, there was no way I could have a probation officer knocking on my door at whatever hour, I could be in an MS flare and I wouldn’t dig on (and I doubt the P.O. would either) anyone seeing me this way. I also use medical marijuana in treatment of many symptoms caused by my MS and Ted fought to allow me to be able to continue the use of my medication.

    Long story short… I received a misdemeanor DUI: 1 year suspended license (6 months interlock), $1500 in fines, 40 hours community service, alcohol and drug awareness course and up to 2 years unsupervised probation.

    My life is getting back on track and it’s because of Ted’s perseverance, knowledge and caring about his client! I hope I never need his services again, but if I or anyone I know does, he will be the only referral from me! Thank you Ted!

  • Results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bryan

    Mr. Agnick and his staff were approachable and made me feel like a very important client and not just another case on their list. Mr. Agnick was able to come up with several strategies on how to purse my case and give me options in preparing a defense. We were able to get the exact outcome that I was looking for. The fee was very reasonable. I would recommend Mr. Agnick to anyone with a DUI or criminal charge.

  • Thumbs up.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tommy

    I speak very highly of Mr Agnick. He delt with my case professionally and courteously. He got me the exact results i was looking for, without going to trial and with a reasonable fee. I appreciate everything he and his staff has done for me.

  • Will definitely be referring

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Oliver

    Ted Agnick was right away very concerned about helping me and demonstrated a lot of knowledge that would later benefit us in my case. Ted and his team were good about communicating the status of the case. He was also very willing to work with me on the payments.
    Ted did what he does best and was able to get my case dismissed completely. I am very grateful to have been recommended to him and will definitely be referring people to him.

  • During a tough season, it's very important to have the best on your side.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    During a tough season, it's so important to have the best on your side. Ted listens to all your concerns and has a big heart behind the "Attorney" label. He's extremely thorough, ethical, and knowledgeable. With my case, the police never actually had probable cause and then on top of that they lied about several things. Ted was able to look at every fine detail and develop the best strategy and direction to go in. If I didn't have Ted on my side, I would have lost my license for a yr or more, been in jail for 4 months, lost my job and more. I'm so thankful to have had A man of integrity represent me. If you need the best out there to help you, I encourage you to sit with him and talk to him and by the end of that first meeting with him you will have the discernment to know that he is the perfect fit. Oh and by the way, I'm only keeping this post anonymous because this is now in my past and I have already pressed forward in life.

  • Theodore Agnick, The Best Criminal Lawyer in AZ

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Roxanne

    Accepting my case, Mr. Agnick worked diligently to get the case dismissed. Using his extensive legal knowledge, Mr. Agnick presented a sound argument for dismissal. However, the Prosecutor was determined to get some type of conviction, and would not dismiss the case. Mr. Agnick did all the due diligence necessary including getting a disposition from the Prosecutor's witness which contradicted the police report, as well as subpoenaing that witness to testify in court. At the Evidence Hearing, the Prosecutor dismissed the case. I am forever grateful to Mr. Agnick for defending me. His knowledge, and his trustworthiness can not be questioned. He was very responsive to all my concerns and he kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Theodore Agnick to anyone who needs a Lawyer.

  • Incredibly Skilled Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    When I was charged with my first DUI, Ted came very highly recommended by a friend of mine who had used him to get his extreme DUI dropped down to a reckless driving. After my initial consultation, I was most impressed with Ted's attentiveness to my side of the story and his assertive personality, a trait that I had not seen in other lawyers I had met with.
    His entire office was very knowledgeable not only on Arizona laws but also the status of my case. I spoke with his paralegals on a regular basis and on the rare occasion that they were not able to answer my questions I was put in touch with Ted almost immediately. I felt like I had an entire team of skilled lawyers at my disposal, helping to put some of my anxiety to rest throughout the case.
    Just as with my friend, Ted was able to get my DUI dropped to a reckless driving. He has saved me a ton of money, prevented jail time, and removed the stigma of having a DUI on my record and I am very thankful. I have already recommended him to my family and friends and I highly recommend you give him a call if you ever need excellent legal representation.

  • Highly Recomended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Glen

    After interviewing 3 different Lawyers for my case I choose Mr. Agnick.
    I would highly recommend Ted to represent me at any time. His diligence was second to none and after defending my case for over a year the charges were dismissed for a lesser charge. It was all and more that I could have expected or anticipated.

    If you want a good attorney that will back you and fight your cause, don't look any further.
    Highly recommended!

  • Recommendation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debbie

    Mr. Agnick is an excellent lawyer. He was on top of my case and had it resolved within days. We had a steady stream of communication by phone and email. I would highly recommend him. He was recommended to me and lived up to his reputation.