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Thomas J Bouman

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I help clients TAME THE BEAST known as estate and trust law in Arizona. 
As an estate and trust attorney, I use my skills of organization, analysis, and teaching to help people plan for and respond to life's most challenging transitions:
-Death of a Loved One
-Transfer of Business Control
I bring a highly systematic approach to the practice of law, which is critically important when wading through the complex, and often bizarre, legal requirements associated with estate and trust law.
There is no doubt that I am - by nature - a very analytical person. I will do what any good lawyer does, and study the issues carefully when providing counsel to a client.
However, I think what separates me from other lawyers is my passion for teaching. I enjoy taking complex subject matter and making it understandable.
I am a proud member of Wealth Counsle the nation's largest organization of estate planning attorneys.  Wealth Counsel provides me with the support system of a large law firm, while allowing me to maintain the highly personalized level of service that only a solo attorney can provide. 


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