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Jeffrey Blackman’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Charlie

    Stay away!

    I was referred to Mr Blackman to support me with a school issue my daughter was having. From the first time I spoke with him, he was rude on the phone and it seemed apparent that he really just didn't want to support the case. My wife was listening on speaker phone and when we hung up she was also surprised at Mr Blackman's demeanor. When Mr Blackman called back, I told him that I would prefer not to engage him as my wife and I did not like his demeanor. Mr Blackman then called me back several times demanding to be paid for his services. At that point I told Mr Blackman that we had not executed an agreement and I am not interested in working with him and was not paying him for his time and hung up. Mr Blackman then called me several times on my cell phone, which I pushed to voicemail using several expletives and inviting me to his office to meet face-to-face, which sounded somewhat like a threat to me.Stay away. High nut factor here.

    Jeffrey Blackman’s response: “I have read the review written by Charles Katz. He is not being honest about what took place between us. He is being malicious in an attempt to harm me. Please take a look at the reviews on my web site, They are written by the people I have served.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robin

    Personal recommendation

    Jeffrey has represented us, for the past two and a half months', with honesty and integrity. His knowledge and expertise have been evident in every court hearing, personal meeting and communication with opposing counsel. We are kept well informed of every aspect of our case. have, and will continue, to recommend Jeffrey to all who have need of his expertise, knowledge and tenacity. I have found that to be represented by Jeffrey Blackman is to be represented by one of the best.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I have worked with Jeffrey Blackman for over 5 years...

    I have worked with Jeffrey Blackman for over 5 years, and during that time he has been nothing less than absolutely professional and passionate about his work. I would be lying if I did not say that during the time we have worked together, due to his impeccable integrity and care for those around him, we have become more than just colleagues, I can now truly call him a friend.

    I would and do recommend Jeffrey to any and all in need of a serious, honest, straightforward and knowledgeable attorney. You can always count on Jeffrey to get to the hard truths, and continuously be there to point you in the right direction, even if the right path isn't always the easy path.

    Thank you Jeffrey!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by N

    More used car salesman, less knowledgable attorney

    Jeffrey is by far the worst attorney I have ever worked with. He was retained for a family law matter and did not represent our interests in the slightest. He even had the nerve to charge us for letters that he sent to us saying he had called us to remind us that we had a teleconference scheduled with him the following week. He was constantly sending the other party's attorney reminder notes for production of documents, the documents were not produced until the hearing, but nothing was ever said about it and the Judge ruled anyway.

    Jeffrey Blackman’s response: “This review was written by my client's husband. He was a bully and was paying for her case. My client was very happy with the work I did and apologized to me a number of times for her husband's conduct. He would yell and storm out of the office when he didn't get his way.He was unhappy with me because I refused to let him run the show. What he has written about a letter is not accurate. The production of documents was addressed in the proper legal manner.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry J

    Helped me a lot

    Mr. Blackman has helped me and my family several times for legal advice and assistance. I have recommended Mr. Blackman to several friends, including 2 divorce cases, and they have been very happy with him.

    I have found that Mr/ Blackman is direct and to the point. Do not lie to him about your case OR not follow his legal advice. If he tells you to do something, or more importantly NOT TO DO SOMETHING, follow his advice !! Come to Mr. Blackman prepared, with the facts, and any documentation involved in your case. Do not BS him. That will hurt your case and lead him down the wrong road until the truth comes out. He can not help you correctly if you are not straight with him.

    Ask him to clarify Attorney and client privilege so you understand why the truth is important.

    Mr. Blackman is very thorough and knows what he is doing.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Not Recommended

    I recommend checking with the AZ State Bar and/or doing a public records background check before hiring this man. In hindsight I cannot recommend him. Jeffrey Blackman actually obtains some of his business through a referral arrangement he has with another lawyer named Dennis Grey, where in exchange for the referrals he pays Dennis Grey a 10% finders fee. In other words 10% of what Jeffrey Blackman charges, goes to Dennis Grey. Jeffery Blackman withdrew from my case before it got off the ground, claiming "the attorney client relationship was broken". We had only appeared for two five minute continuances of pretrial conferences but he claimed he had done almost $13000 worth of work. Dennis Grey had even returned his 10% to Jeffrey Blackman, and Jeffrey Blackman kept a portion of that too. I ended up hiring another lawyer who charged less, and did a better job.

    Jeffrey Blackman’s response: “Prior to Dennis retiring we did have an arrangement where I would give him 10% of any fee generated in any case he sent to me. This was stated in the fee contract that this man signed and was ethical as Dennis was involved in the case through the discussions we would have. I withdrew from the case because the attorney/client relationship was in deed broken. This man threatened me. I was physically afraid of him. This man is not being candid about the work I did. He was furnished with a detailed statement. I cannot remember if Dennis kept his 10% or not. I do remember that he was troubled by this man's conduct, both in the the cases I was involved in and regarding this man's contacts with me, in person and in writing.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    If only I could turn back time . . .

    I hired JB to defend and clear me of a bogus complaint filed against me in a protective order violation by my divorcing wife. I had arranged to meet my 2 sons at the other end of a park where they were playing ball, on my birthday, so they could give me a birthday card. . . JB attempted to clear me but was failing. I expressed my concerns to him, and hired anther attorney. Because I did this, in telephone conversation, left him a voicemail while he was still my legal representation, he turned aroud and accused me of harrassing him! He took me to court, well knowing I was innocent, and described me to the judge as a creepy, night stalker, who was stalking my wife!!! He has since cost me thou$and$ defending myself AGAINST HIM!! Of course, he lost his case, and both my new attorney and I have since filed complaints against him with the AZ State Bar Assoc. that are currently under investigation. No I could never recommend JB, it's not in your best interest. In fact he's had several negative reviews describing similar experiences to mine.

    Jeffrey Blackman’s response: “As this man knows, the complaint alleging a violation of the Protective Order was not bogus and that I was not failing in any way. I filed a Motion to Withdraw due to this man's conduct with me. I then obtained an Injunction Against Harassment due to telephone messages he left at my office. Although the City Court judge set the Order aside, the Superior Court judge reversed her on appeal, upholding the injunction. The State Bar found no substance in the complaints he refers to.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    Highly recommmend Mr. Blackman

    I have used Mr. Blackman twice in the past for family criminal issues. Mr. Blackman will keep you up to date by phone and mail, work diligently to uncover anything that will help your case, and give you the best result possible. His ability to "work" things out wth the other side is very benificial to the case. I recommned Mr. Blackman to anybody who wants an aggrssive honest attorney working on your behalf.