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Scott A Macleod

Scott Macleod’s Legal Guides

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  • Bankruptcy is your right

    Bankruptcy is your right. Don't feel too bad for your creditors. Assert your rights!

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  • DUI arrest and conviction - what can I expect?

    Oh no, a DUI arrest. What can I expect? What are the consquences?

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  • Casey Anthony - she even deserved bankruptcy

    Even in the worst of times you may qualify for debt resolution

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  • Joint tenancy in Arizona

    What is joint tenancy in Arizona? What are the pitfalls?

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  • Arrested or charged with a crime?

    What are your rights if you are suspected or charged with a crime? What can you expect? What kind of help is out there?

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  • Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or 13?

    What are the different consumer bankruptcy filings? How do I qualify? What should I look out for?

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  • DUI consequences

    DUIs can be scary! This video will help you discover that consequences you may face if convicted.

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  • New to Arizona but my debt followed me!!!

    Ok, I am new to Arizona but the debt followed me. So, you are relatively new to the state of Arizona, or you moved back. Perhaps you are from California, or another state blanketed with debt. Unfortunately, the burdensome consumer obligations you faced in your former home has fol...

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