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Joan M Bundy

About Joan Bundy

About me

Joan Bundy, principal of Joan Bundy Law, became passionate about divorce and family law while serving as a prosecutor. Most of her case load involved domestic-violence matters. She spoke firsthand with domestic-violence victims, heard their stories, and helped bring them justice. She saw how the legal system can be a positive force to help families escape abusive and sometimes life-threatening situations, and move on with their lives.


As a prosecutor, Joan learned another important lesson: The justice system’s adversarial nature can sometimes stand in the way, not help bring about, a positive outcome in family law cases. When she opened her own family-law practice in Chandler, which she saw as a natural outgrowth of her previous experience, she saw many of the same patterns. Too many divorce and family law cases are characterized by needless conflict between the two parties and their attorneys. The result is a lengthy, expensive, heart-wrenching process that leaves lasting scars, particularly when children are involved. Only the attorneys stand to gain from high-conflict litigation.


Joan’s job is to advocate for the best interests of her divorce and family law clients. She does not hesitate to assertively advocate for them if the situation requires it. If the other party or opposing counsel are uncooperative, there is no other choice. Still, she believes that cooperation is the preferred approach because it often brings faster, more efficient, happier, and longer-lasting outcomes that benefit both her clients and their families.


Joan reviews each client’s legal matter individually and recommends the approach that she believes, through years of experience in family law, will work best. If the parties are willing to work together to resolve their issues, she may recommend mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution instead of going to court.


As a divorce and family law attorney, Joan’s goals are to:

  •  Help clients through difficult times as painlessly as possible.
  •  Recommend the most efficient, cost-effective legal solutions.
  •  Dedicate one attorney to each case from beginning to end.
  •  Treat every client, without exception, with compassion, respect, and dignity.

Joan grew up in a small Iowa town, which she credits for her traditional values and strong work ethic. She has lived in Arizona since 2000. Before entering the legal field, she sharpened her communication skills as a journalist and public relations professional.

The proud “parent” of one dog and three cats, Joan considers companion animals to be part of the family and is a recognized expert on animal law issues. She is a former member of the Executive Council of the State Bar of Arizona’s Animal Law Section and, for many years, has been a board member of, volunteer for, or financial contributor to many animal welfare organizations.

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