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Joan M Bundy

Joan Bundy’s client reviews

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  • Passionate Family Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Liza

    I have a very complex case spanning over many years of court. Most recently my case was transferred to a different county and I needed to find a new attorney. The attorney I had referred me to Ms. Bundy. As a single parent of four children navigating a complicated history of court filings, proceeding, evaluations etc... I needed someone knowledgable and sensitive to the nature of not just the case but the family behind it. Joan was always professional, timely and compassionate concerning my families wants, needs financial situation, and overall desired outcome. She was motivated to seek and receive the most desirable outcome for myself and my children. She was always available, attentive, and responsive to the needs of the case as well me the client. Ms. Bundy displayed a genuine concern for the outcome of my case and put heart and soul into every action. In the courtroom Joan was assertive, took action, and was effective. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney who will fight for the clients best interests while also lessening confusion and uncertainties that coincide with any court proceeding. Thanks Joan for all your hard work!!

  • Got bad advice - will be fine in less complex Cases

    1.0 star

    Posted by Will23

    She is a nice person but she didn't gave me the right advice and got my case in problems.
    i contact here and she promise me that she will be able to handle it but after 4 weeks and send me my money back and recommend on other lawyers.

    didn't work for me but i am sure she will be fine in less complex Cases

    Joan M Bundy’s response: “I take client satisfaction very seriously, so when I first read this review, I searched my records and memory in an effort to identify the former client who might have written it. At my request, Avvo was kind enough to contact the reviewer, and reported back to me that he or she did, in fact, claim to be a former client. Unfortunately, the information in the review does not appear to match any clients or even prospective clients who have contacted my law office since its inception, let alone during the past one to six months. I will make a few general comments: Normally, I am able to accurately assess the scope of the matter during the initial consultation with a prospective client. Occasionally, after further digging, I discover unique issues of which I previously was unaware. If at any point during the assessment of a case I were to conclude that the matter would be better handled by an attorney with a different or more specific specialty, I would immediately inform the client or prospective client, and recommend other suitable attorneys. It would be the only ethical thing to do. Of course, if this were to happen, I also would immediately refund any and all funds remaining in the client’s trust account for prepaid work not yet performed. So if the reviewer’s comments are accurate, then I did what any good, honest, professional attorney would do in such a situation. If the reviewer has more specific concerns he or she would like to discuss, I invite the reviewer to contact me directly so we can address them at greater length. Thank you.”
  • Great Job!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steven

    I contacted Joan reference a divorce issue. Joan walked me through the process and advised me on how to handle the issues and what the possible pitfalls might be. Joan communication skills were excellent. She called when she stated she would and answer emails promptly. Joan did an excellent job of writing a response to a motion and counter motion which were well received by the court. I would recommend Joan on any family law matter you might have.

  • Very dependable and hard-working attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathan

    Joan has helped me with my child custody case for the past year and I couldn't imagine a better attorney for the job.

    Such a case requires you to put nearly every personal thing you have about your life on the table and I couldn't ask for a more professional and trustworthy attorney to handle such a matter for me.

    She responded quickly to every email I ever sent her and patiently answered all my questions, eased my concerns and kept me informed throughout every step in the process, a most important courtesy when going through such a difficult time.

    She has worked hard and efficiently with me to ensure that I had the best possible shot in court and represented me very well when the day finally came.

    As for the money, a good family law attorney is going to be relatively expensive... it is a field that requires loads of knowledge, experience and time. At least you get what you pay for with Joan, and without "surprises".

  • Great attorney for same sex couples!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    My partner and I retained Joan to assist us with working out parenting time and legal custody for our son that we share with another couple. Through the entire process of working out the proposed parenting plan, Joan was extremely knowledgeable and confident. She went out of her way to educate us on every step of the process, next steps and what to expect. She is prompt to return emails and phone calls, which is a huge plus when dealing with time sensitive and at times, and emotional situations. Throughout everything, Joan handled the situation with the upmost professionalism. We highly recommend her for working with same sex parents or opposite sex parenting plan needs.

    Joan M Bundy’s response: “Wow! Am I flattered! I will strive to continue to live up to this ideal on an ongoing basis. I do search out and try to help same-sex individuals because their legal needs are so challenging and they often get passed over by attorneys who are homophobic or just afraid to tackle difficult legal issues. I definitely empathize with the situations they find themselves in, especially with the patchwork of laws we have right now in the United States for same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ legal issues. Sure, DOMA has fallen in some respects, but in some places (like Arizona, where I practice), anti-gay laws are alive and well. Forget being able to divorce here, and put aside any hopes of second-mother or second-father parental rights or adoption. It takes an attorney who is motivated, creative and up on current caselaw and legal trends to try to work around these roadblocks and come up with useful solutions for same-sex individuals and couples. Thanks again for putting your faith in me!”
  • Joan Bundy is an Ethical Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    Joan was very professional while handling my case against an attorney that was less then ethical.
    Joan held her ground and remained confident the entire time.

  • Get it done right!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by christen

    Joan Bundy thoroughly investigated my case and always had time to listen to and address my concerns. She is and has been very organized and keeps up to date with details regarding my case. She also has taken swift action when it has been necessary. I would highly recommend Joan Bundy if you are looking for an assertive, capable and compassionate attorney.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    From day one, Joan has been right on top of things, keeping me up to date on what has been happening, whether it be an email or a phone call. She has shared what the next step would be and what I could expect. Before every appearance, she worked with me, sharing what I might see happen in the courtroom. Following leaving the courtroom, Joan and I would sit in the hallway and she would explain what just took place inside. Then we would talk about what we would be doing next. She has been verry patient and und3rstanding with my individual situation. I would highly recommend Joan to anyone.

  • Follow your own contract

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Appeals client

    I was a client of Joan Bundys. When I went to see Joan about my case and I gave her 1000.00 for her to type appeal paperwork for me. Joan told me that would be enough for her to type paperwork for me. When received my final bill from Joan (me thinking it should be at zero) it was for 2000.00 more. When I questioned Joan she stated she needed outside help. Her contract states that if she runs out of money she will contact you for further monies before she proceeds with your case. she did not contact me. Thus costing me 2000.00 more.

    Joan M Bundy’s response: “I am sorry to hear this client (it was actually two clients, who were co-parties) may have had some dissatisfaction regarding my billing practices. Unfortunately, the State Bar of Arizona finds that this is the most common area of complaint that attorneys' clients voice if anything at all. To try to avoid any and all possible conflicts, confusions or misunderstandings over client billing, one thing I make sure to NEVER do is make any false promises. My fee agreement-attorney/client contract clearly states (and always has, since I started private practice years ago) that I cannot precisely predict or accurately guarantee the total cost of services, particularly because the complexity and uniqueness of issues can vary so much from case to case. Here is an excerpt from my current agreement that reflects that policy: "Based on the information you have provided me so far, I estimate that it will take at least _______ hours of my time to help you resolve the legal matter(s) for which you have sought help. Therefore, you will need to deposit $ ______ at this time to help cover the expenses I reasonably anticipate will be incurred toward trying to achieve your desired outcome. This payment is only an initial advance fee and not an estimate or guarantee of the total costs of your representation." I am not opposed to negotiating flat fee arrangements for specified, limited-scope services, although such an occasion has not yet arisen. I find that in general it is much more fair to all parties involved to simply charge for actual time spent working on their matter, by the hour (actually, in one-tenths of an hour, or 6-minute increments, much as accountants and many other kinds of professionals tend to do). Yes, this client did give me a certain sum of money at our initial consultation, but that was simply to get started with the work as I do require payment at or before the time of service. However, as it got down to the wire on thefiling the appeal response, there was not enough time to request or obtain additional funds from the client in time to meet the deadline. So I felt it was much better to finish the appellate response and ensure I filed it in a timely manner so as not to foreclose any the client's substantive judicial rights, then sort out the billing as soon as possible thereafter. I never overcharged this client; like all my other clients, I simply charged for the work that was involved. Also, as the client mentioned in her review, I did contract out some of the work to an attorney who only does research and writing of court filings, which I might add was at a drastically reduced rate compared to my own hourly rate, thus saving my client a substantial amount of money. Again, I am sorry if she was less than thrilled with the cost, but many appeals run into the tens of thousands and this one did not. Also, I think she may be confusing her dissatisfaction with the outcome (they did not succeed in defending against the appeal) with dissatisfaction with the quality of legal work performed or the reasonableness of the fees charged for that work.”
  • It's important to be prepared

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Although Ms. Bundy is a very nice person, she was ill prepared during my case and when all was said and done, I would have been better off to just do the work myself. There were some very obvious things she had missed and even the judge had pointed them out.

    Joan M Bundy’s response: “I’m not sure who wrote this review, so I am unable to provide a very detailed or specific response. Nevertheless, I am sorry to hear that this person felt dissatisfied with my services in any way. Honestly, I was surprised to read these comments because I pride myself in preparing meticulously for all court appearances. But I do appreciate and take seriously all client feedback, even if it is critical. Often there are legal strategies and procedural issues that may not be apparent to anyone other than the lawyer, and concerns about these matters can usually be cleared up through honest, open communication. In the future, I will redouble my efforts to keep my clients informed every step of the way. Thank you.”