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Kissandra L Tysman

Kissandra Tysman’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Christian

    The best attorney you could ever hire to represent you when it really MATTERS

    She cared for me and my kids and the whole case well above and beyond. I highly recommend to anyone that needs fantastic help that you just can’t get anywhere else. She was always very honest and detailed and kept me up to date, like up to the MINUTE throughout my case. She will totally assist in any way possible. Excellent Counsel, it does not get any better. Amazing.
    I joined this site to show everyone my opinion about my great experience with Kissandra Tysman representing me. I just wanted a way to thank her publicly for the wonderful outcome for my family that she made happen. If not for her we would no way all be together as a family right now. Nothing could be more precious than what she gave to me. Anyway, I hired Tysman to help me when things had got really out of hand. She was at all time respectful and refreshingly humble. She was dedicated very ethical and incredibly trustworthy. She truly went the extra mile for me both in terms of her actions and what she charged me. The end result was that my family was not torn apart as some wished before I hired Tysman. I do not believe anyone would have done what she did for me. I would and will recommend her to anyone I ever feel has been wronged and needs help fighting to right that wrong. I do definitely recommend Kissandra.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Fights for HER paycheck and NOT the client.

    VERY long story...horrible communication, horrible billing practices, unethical. You attorney is supposed to represent you...and your best interests. That is why you hire one. Kissandra and her firm totally mislead me, breached their own contract, settled our case, and then stuck us with a HUGE bill after not billing for months...MONTHS! Our settlement would not have been acceptable had we had ANY idea that the bill would have been as much as the settlement...we understand that, why can't she? What's the point in hiring an attorney if they only thing you net out of the ordeal is legal fees covered??

    Also we were billed for many hours of work at her rate that she did not do, her assistant (who had not passed the bar yet) did all the work. We also spoke to 2 other past clients who had billing issues as well.

    Arrogant, unethical, untrustworthy. Go find a lawyer who has your interest at heart and mind. If you disregard this review, you get what you asked for...

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Idalia

    Upset Client

    I also used this lawyer to file a a immigration case for my husband....on my free consult i was asked questions and then told price to represent us in this matter..... when we said we would come back after we manager then said what will it take for us to represent you guys today is it money..I said Yes....he said I can help you we can START your case with little or no money down and payments every two weeks....we said ok and signed contract...I gave down payment a week after ..asked to speak to lawyer assigned to case(While waiting I heard a conversation that one person was having w a customer on the phone ....employee was super rude by the way ....she was busy so i left her a message...she calls back next day ..she had all names messed up and was a mess ..I was not impressed by what i saw and hear.....she said she did not have my file yet but would call me when she time to make make payment came and i went to drop off money and asked the receptionist what was the next step because no one has contacted me...she said Oh and they wont until you have paid in full...I was like what.....i was never told that...she was like really she said let me get the attorney then out comes this guy...and he greeted me...I never forget a face or a voice (prior training from being a officer) it was rude employee from last visit i had heard he comes and asks me what the problem was....i explained to him the issue and he said that that was correct that they could not start my case until it as paid off in full and i was told that when i came in....I responded i was never told that and he said i was ...I said sir if i was told that i would not be there having this conversation with you....his response to to me was you where told ..I have work with the case manager for 10 years and he told you.....I said sir so you are calling me a Liar...i can me anything but a he then said so what do you want to cancel the contract , you will still owe us another 300 to close the case..(that I was told)...I then said i will have to discuss with my husband ....he then asked again about closing case...i then got up and told him that i would be back...and he said you will still need to discuss this with me... RUDE !!!!They are Dishonest and very very unprofessional .

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Kissandra Tysman is only in it for her money! Misleading!

    Bad ethics, Rude, and Unorganized. Boxes of actual cases on the floor for everyone to see and take. I would rather use a criminal to represent me. Once you are pulled in, you will get the feeling I did about being violated. Her website is outdated and has some questionable 'facts'. She charges behind her 'No Upfront Fees' slogan.
    Handled my case like it was a pain in her neck. Like Poison Ivy. Go figure.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    only in it for her

    Her contract said no upfront fees and I ended up filing bankruptcy due to her wanting ME to pay for depositions, copies, and her other legal fees ($15,000) and at the end she still got her 40%. She did not fight hard for me she barely even fought she made me feel weak.